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Cadence® OrCAD® 16.6 continues the tradition of providing affordable leading edge technology to PCB designers' desktops. With their latest release Cadence redefines what designers can expect from their PCB tools. 

Cadence OrCAD 16.6 has been named one of Electronic Design's Best Products of 2012!
  • 3D ECAD - MCAD Collaboration
  • New Signal Integrity Flow
  • Advanced Simulation
  • Customization for Your Unique Needs
  • Increased Performance and Productivity
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3D ECAD - MCAD Collaboration

View in Realistic 3D: Display your design using realistic 3D STEP models to ensure correct fit and design intent.

Import Mechanical Elements: Almost all PCB’s have to fit inside something eventually. OrCAD 16.6 allows you to import mechanical elements like the enclosure so you can make sure you are designing to the physical restrictions of your intended end product from the start.

ECAD-MCAD Collaboration: Share data in 3D with your MCAD team including the ability to collaborate on design changes through a managed bi-directional change review and approval process.


Additional Resources:    Video Tutorials       Hands-On Workshop 


New Signal Integrity Flow

Improved Integration: OrCAD Capture is now tightly integrated with OrCAD PCB SI for a bi-directional schematic entry/signal integrity flow.

Simulate Earlier: With Cadence's advanced simulation tools designers can easily simulate early in the design process and explore topologies.

Design Smarter:
With easy to use SI tools designers can establish rules and constraints that drive efficient board implementation.


    Advanced Simulation

    Improved Speed: The PSpice® engine upgrades and advanced convergence options in this new release allow designers to simulate faster, allowing them to explore more in less time.

    Easier than ever: To make simulation easier Cadence added an easy-to-use model browser and a pre-defined library for users who don't want to setup their own.

    Power Aware Design: With the acquisition of Sigrity® Analysis Technologies, Cadence can now provide a comprehensive power network analysis capabilities.

      Customize to Meet YOUR Needs

      Open Platform: With Cadence tools users can add unique functionality that is integrated into that program in the form of apps, or by building it themselves.

      Unlimited Integration:
      With expanded abilities to build custom interfaces for data transfer, the new release makes it easier to address specific workflow needs.


      Increased Performance and Productivity

      Pure Performance:
      Multi-core processing is now supported in PSpice and PCB Editor to speed processes that require significant computing.

      Continuous Refinement: Additions such as quick-place for common components, embedded net names, and many more help increase the efficiency of OrCAD PCB Editor.

      Increased Efficiency
      : The overall performance for CIS operations, especially when dealing with very large databases or queries, has been significantly improved.

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      Check out some of the top reasons to upgrade to the new OrCAD 16.6, then vote on which additions you think are most valuable! Your votes help us decide which features should receive priority as we continue to educate users on this release. Thanks for participating!

      OrCAD Capture Top Reasons to Upgrade
      • Full Pin Control in Symbol Editing- Build, edit, and modify your symbols your way. Release 16.6 gives users complete control to modify symbol attributes including pin location at both the library and individual instance levels.
      • Integrated Signal Integrity Flow - OrCAD Capture 16.6 provides a new SI flow making it that much easier and more productive for engineers to perform early signal quality analysis during the design phase, including generating and embedding design constraints determined from simulation results directly into the Capture schematic.
        SI Flow Video
      • Custom DRC's - Expand on the standard Capture designs rules by adding your own. Define, configure, and run user specific DRC checks with OrCAD Capture 16.6.
      • Faster Part Searches - You will be amazed at how fast your Capture CIS database searches are in release 16.6. Whether you have 100 parts or 10,000, searching your parts database provide almost instantaneous results.
      • Multi-Version Viewing - Release 16.6 allows you to save your designs to older versions if needed AND view designs generated in older releases WITHOUT changing the file version. This maintains complete backward compatibility with your less progressive colleagues.
      Detailed Version History

      PSpice Top Reasons to Upgrade
      • Multicore Support - PSpice 16.6 takes advantage of the additional processing power available in multi-core CPU’s to help you get your analysis completed in record time.
      • Quicker Simulation Setup- Not only is the new PSpice 16.6 faster with multicore support but it is also much easier to setup and run your simulations. Release 16.6 adds new capabilities like the Place PSpice Part command which allows you to quickly select and place common PSpice elements for simulation.
      • Improved Convergence - Cadence engineers put a lot of work into making sure PSpice 16.6 converges on even the most sophisticated analyses. If you do run into issues, PSpice auto-convergence can now be executed during run-time allowing you to automatically adjust your settings for optimal convergence and continue your analysis.
      • Easy What-If Analysis - Simulation and analysis is often a very iterative process. PSpice 16.6 makes this kind of what-if analysis much easier by including PSpice simulations as undo / redo items (previously running a simulation would clear the undo / redo stack).
      • User Customization - Cadence has opened up PSpice for customization using the popular Tcl framework. Easily define and string together multiple simulation runs across multiple conditions, apply custom algorithms or equations to your analysis, even develop new ways to plot and analyze your data.
      Detailed Version History

      OrCAD PCB Editor Top Reasons
      • Inline Net Names - Sometimes little things can make a big difference, like the Inline Net Names in PCB Editor 16.6. By placing the names directly on the nets you can easily see which net you are working on without having to scan the screen, and avoid confusion.
      • View, Share, and, Collaborate in 3D - View and share your design in full 3D with STEP model support in OrCAD PCB Editor. Collaborate effectively with your mechanical counterparts using the new IDX format.

        3D STEP Support in PCB Editor Video
        EMA Blog: New ECAD/MCAD Flow
      • Updated Shape Editing - Not only do dynamic shapes now support multicore proccesors for even faster pour and heal they are easier to create and edit with parameterized cornering, quick expand/conract, and improved circle drawing to name a few.
      • Interactive Routing Updates - Interactive routing in OrCAD PCB Editor continues to expand its lead over the competition.  Release 16.6 provides updates like: Enhanced Slide Support, Smart Layer Add Connect, Visible Rats Control, and more.
        Slide Enhancements Explained (Blog Article)
      • Neutral Tech Files - Tech files let you build reusable templates from one design to the next. Release 16.6 allows those tech files to be stackup agnostic so it's even easier to save time and re-use your data from one OrCAD PCB project to the next.
      Detailed Version History

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      OrCAD 16.6 Full Feature List

      OrCAD Capture
      • New schematic entry/signal integrity flow
      • Significant performance increase for CIS operations with large databases
      • Tcl-based customization for CIS Explorer, design rule checks, menus, and toolbars
      • Configure multi-variable support for CIS fields
      • Enhancements to NetGroup:
        assign a NetGroup to a Bus, reorder pins in an unnamed NetGroup, add and remove pins from a NetGroup, visible NetGroup references, and find NetGroup references
      • Quick-place for common components
      • Enhancements to the Find function allow searches for parts by value of a given property

      Detailed Version History

      Cadence PSpice
      • Multi-core capability for significant PSpice performance increase
      • Quick pick-place of PSpice Parts
      • Upgraded model encryption with 256-bit support
      • Tcl-based customization for Advanced Analysis, simulation, .dat file access, and integration with 3rd party applications
      • Enhanced IBIS support (5.0):
        - Spice circuit generation for all IBIS versions
        - Supports V-t curves
        - Analog Simulation of XNets
      • Advanced convergence and simulation control option:
        Bias-point convergence, voltage limiting, worst-case deviations, max-time step control, pseudo transient, and relative tolerance
      • UNDO support for captured netlists enables quick "what-if" scenarios
      • Probe .dat upgrade to 64-bit precision

      Detailed Version History

       OrCAD PCB Editor
      • Parameterized rectangular shapes
      • New display option overlays net names
      • Move elements outside class structure
      • Select by “lasso” or “path”
      • DRC by window area
      • Component alignment enhancements
      • Negative plane enhancements
      • Replace padstack updates
      • Status Bar & Visibility updates
      • Add Circle update
      • Region shape assignments
      • New net highlight method
      • Design for manufacturing enhancements:
        - Artwork control form / drill updates
        - Thieving updates
        - Generate separate plated/non-plated route files
        - Pastemask DRC updates
      • New design defaults can be automatically seeded
      • Maintain engineering notes as part of the database

      Detailed Version History

       Next Steps
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      EMA 16.6 Release Blog
      Welcome to this special blog series where our engineers (fresh from a full week of new release training) 
      will be providing you with their impressions, favorite features, and tips for getting the most out of all the new capabilities in OrCAD 16.6. 

      Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and even suggest topics you'd like to hear more about.

      Published on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

      Enhanced CIS Explorer Functionality in OrCAD Capture CIS 16.6

      By Jeff Imes, Applications Engineer, EMA Design Automation

      Over the many years I’ve been using Capture CIS in both my design career and being an AE, I’ve always had a need to visually see the status of a certain part and restrict data from the CIS users like military and commercial parts availability for selection and placement. This was always on my wish list, but never appeared over the many years. Finally, it has become a reality.

      Through the new CIS TCL interface commands, you can now assign a color for any part database value in the CIS Explorer and filter out any part for placement. Also, the user can add more than one selectable value in ANY database field available in CIS.

      CIS Data Filter

      Here are a few examples of a situation that would require the CIS Filter:

      Example 1 for CIS Data Filter:

      CIS is being distributed globally throughout the corporation. The company wants to use one CIS database at HQ, but each division wants to have only access to the parts that are to be ordered  from that region.

      Example 2 for CIS Data Filter:

      I have a field in CIS (let’s say “ABC”) that specifies two types of parts (“Commercial” and “Military”). I want both part record types to be managed in the CIS database, but I only want “Team A” user to place “Commercial” Parts and “Team B” user to place “Military” parts.

      Example 3 for CIS Data Filter:

      In my CIS database I have a “Lifecycle” field that can contain “WIP”, “Released”, and “Obsolete” for values. If any record contains the “Lifecycle” field value “Obsolete”, the CIS explorer would not display these parts. But, the CIS database will still have the “Obsolete” record maintained.

      Once the TCL command with the data field and value set, the CIS Explorer will ignore and filter from the user’s view and use. In the following image, you can see the post results of the filtered data.

      Filtered Data in CIS Explorer 

      Example TCL Command:

      AddCISCriteria {Company Part Status} {=} {Obsolete} 0 0 0

      Color / highlight CIS row
      To highlight CIS rows, the TCL command would be set similarly to the CIS Data Filter with a few different settings. The row and font color can be applied to those parts that meet the criteria in the TCL command. Here you can see how colors can be assigned:

       Highlight CIS rows

      Example TCL Code Command:

      AddCISCriteria {Company Part Status} {=} {Production} {1} [CISGetColor 255 255 255] [CISGetColor 85 107 47]

      Multivalue Configure multi-value support for CIS fields

      In previous versions of Capture CIS, only the schematic part and PCB Footprint field would allow fully functional muli-value support. With the new CIS 16.6 release, TCL commands have been added to allow any available field the capability to have a drop down pick list of multiple values.

      <!--[if !supportLists]-->•       <!--[endif]-->e.g. enable dropdown list for datasheets

      <!--[if !supportLists]-->•       <!--[endif]-->e.g. display more than one PSpice model          

      Example TCL Command:
                                                      SetCISMultiValuedField {DataSheet}

      For those companies requiring more visual part selecting and control over their CIS data with Capture, it is now available in 16.6 to achieve this functionality. I have only touched on a few of these samples. There are many others that can be provided through the TCL interface.

      Stay tuned for future blogs from other AE’s like myself on the many other added OrCAD capabilities!

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