OrCAD Apps

Customize your Design Environment
OrCAD® Apps enable you to customize your design environment faster and easier than ever before. Either by downloading pre-built apps from the Online Store or creating your own to automate your specific design processes. You now have full control to make the OrCAD experience truly your own.

Simple or Complex it’s all Possible with OrCAD Apps Infrastructure
OrCAD Apps are built off standard human readable languages like Tcl and JavaScript making it possible for non-coders to still generate fairly complex and useful programs. OrCAD also provides ‘Journaling’ capabilities which allows you to capture your actions while using the software and generate the resulting app code. This gives you a code-free way to ‘play-back’ repetitive tasks on demand.

For users that want or need to go further it is possible to interface entire programs written in C so that they can interact directly with the OrCAD data structures. This opens up a whole new level of integration options for the other tools and corporate services you use as part of your design process.

More than Just Apps
The OrCAD Capture Marketplace which houses the OrCAD apps store provides a whole wealth of OrCAD related content for access and download. From models, instructional videos, app notes, to OrCAD approved design partners the OrCAD Capture Marketplace is the designer’s connection to the content and collateral they need to design efficiently with OrCAD.
CIS Quick Start
Automatically set-up a shared, searchable, component database for OrCAD Capture CIS.
EMA Part Link is a free App which allows OrCAD users to download valuable component parametric data directly from Digikey.
Status Display
Avoid errors with fully customizable visual indicators of properties like production status and value.
Perform early fit studies at the schematic level before you commit to placement.
Build and verify OrCAD schematic symbols in a fraction of the time right from the component datasheet.
TestPoint Annotator
Sync testpoint placement between OrCAD PCB and Schematic.

To learn more about the apps and download free trials or purchase, please visit orcadmarketplace.ema-eda.com/OnlineStore.aspx
The evolution of the Internet and online design content has altered the way engineers access information. Utilization of online design content is a key part of accelerating the design process. To meet this need Cadence® launched an industry-first online PCB reference library and app store.

® Capture Marketplace is a complete PCB ecosystem that includes an industry-first online store for applications and an excellent way for PCB designers to access design and component data. The apps available in the Marketplace provide custom features to further enhance and extend the OrCAD environment, and increase productivity. Since its introduction the OrCAD Marketplace has steadily grown from its initial 16 apps to 25+; many of these tool are free downloads and nearly all have a free trial version. The design data in the Marketplace includes component information, models (PSpice® and IBIS), datasheets, resources (app notes, videos, white papers, PCB design service partners, and much more.


  • Customize your design environment with productivity enhancing applications (many of which are free!)
  • Productivity through convenience, with access directly in your Capture tool. 
  • On-demand access to information, design data, and resources from across the Web.
  • Efficiently conduct research to locate essential materials.
  • Easily access the latest design or OrCAD-centric know-how.
Accessing The Marketplace
The OrCAD Capture Marketplace can be accessed in two ways: directly through your OrCAD Capture tool by clicking on the Marketplace Tile Ad, or via your internet browser (orcadmarketplace.com). These two points provide easy access to all the benefits of the marketplace.
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