TimingDesigner 9.3 - What's New

New Interface, Improved Documentation, Refined Functions

TimingDesigner 9.3 builds on the tool's proven static timing analysis engine with new documentation and styling capabilities, a fresh interface, and much more. The improvements in this release help make TimingDesigner a complete solution for engineering analysis and documentation. New tools for style customization, and diagram/spreadsheet exporting provide users with a streamlined flow to take imagery directly from their analysis to documentation.

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  • New Diagram Styling Options
  • Improved Documentation capabilities
  • Modernized Interface
  • Simplified, Intuitive Controls

New Documentation and Image Export

WYSIWYG Printing: A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor has been added in TimingDesigner 9.3. Now users can quickly take what they see on screen and create documentation with it.

Image Export: In 9.3 you can easily export your diagrams as image files; this is quicker and easier than taking screenshots of your workspace.

Print Preview: A preview option has been added when printing, so you can be sure you've captured exactly what you want.

    Modernized Interface and New Intuitive Commands

    Simpler, cleaner, faster: The new TimingDesigner interface is more than just a facelift, it's a productivity enhancing upgrade. Icons have been simplified and the navigation has been reorganized to save you time.

    Document Tabs: The Multi Document Interface (MDI) makes it easy to flip through your diagrams and spreadsheets, much like changing tabs in your internet browser.

    Expected functionality: Ever wonder what makes some tools so easy to learn? A big part of it is using commands and functions that users are already familiar with. TimingDesigner 9.3 is easier to learn for new users, and more efficient for all users.

    Comprehensive Styling Options

    Color, Line Thickness, and Fills at your fingertips: Styles can be applied at an individual level or in several group and template methods to speed application. For example, diagram styling can now be further organized as Waveform Group styles, Edge Relationship Group styles, and Text Annotation Group styles.

    Parameter Spreadsheet and Library Spreadsheet Enhancements Several enhancements have been made to the spreadsheet styling capabilities of the tool. You can now change font, alignment, text wrapping, and color. Variable groups have been added to allow you to quickly organize your data. A quick find filter saves you from searching through your spreadsheet.

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    TimingDesigner 9.3 will be available to all users with an active maintenance contract starting mid February. EMA will send all registered contacts notification of availability which will include:

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    If you are unsure of your maintenance status or have any questions please contact us
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