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Cadence Launches, a web portal and ecosystem to help designers access materials related to PSpice in one central location.

On Monday, June 20th, Cadence announced the launch of, a new user-community web portal which allows designers, partners, and students access materials related to PSpice® analog and mixed-signal simulation and analysis in one central location.


Within this portal are application notes, design examples, video tutorials, and tools necessary or helpful for creating designs. The portal also contains a forum discussion section—allowing users to share knowledge about design experiences, ask technical questions to other PSpice users or Cadence® experts, and get recommendations for products and services. In addition, provides users with access to thousands of simulation models from Texas Instruments, with plans to add many more from other major IC manufacturers.


With the new site, analog and mixed-signal designers won’t need to visit multiple sites to obtain the PSpice information they are looking for. Ultimately, the goal of the site is to provide users with a central location for information, provide the opportunity to connect with their peers, help inspire creativity, and a foster a sense of community.  


To learn more about the, you can view the press release here or visit the website here.