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EMA Acquires Accelerated Designs

Today, EMA Design Automation announced the recent acquisition of Accelerated Designs, a company known for its dominance in EDA part library content and solutions, including a 7.2 million-part database and its specialist library tool, Ultra Librarian. In addition to the existing library of parts, Accelerated Designs’ Ultra Librarian tool speeds the creation of EDA content for new components.  The tool uses the concept of templates to create parts, which increases accuracy, speed, and consistency of part creation and allows global changes to be made to a library. This will help to address one of the most common design challenges electrical engineers face during the design phase: getting accurate and usable symbols and footprints.


Automation is the key component to the Ultra Librarian tool, allowing a user to build their component accurately one time and then export it to the CAD tool(s) of their choice. Since EDA vendors need to focus on features of the EDA toolset, symbol and Footprint creation has always been a void in the market. According to Manny Marcano, President of EMA Design Automation, EMA's goal is now rapidly evolve the Accelerated Designs library to be the 'Gold Standard' for the EDA Industry.


To view the press release on this acquisition, click here.



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