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Legacy Files: Bringing them to the Future

With the new year in full swing, you may be interested in trying a new CAD software.  After performing all the necessary research you have determined it is time try OrCAD, however the thought of migrating all of your legacy files may seem to be a daunting a task. Whether you have previously worked in other software programs, or are obtaining files others have developed in outside software, it is important the transfer process is easy and reliable. 


Do not feel trapped in your current CAD software, OrCAD provides integrated translators, proven to convert files from other PCB CAD tools to OrCAD flawlessly, without the risk of losing parts of data or the integrity of the pre-built design. Moving data from one software to OrCAD is now a painless process that can be completed with a simple click of a button.  


We have put together migration guides of popular PCB design tools in order to guide the process of bringing your legacy files into OrCAD: 
Altium Migration Guide 
Pads Migration Guide 
Eagle Schematic Translator Guide 
Eagle PCB Translator Guide 
Don’t let your legacy data stop you from bringing your design process into the future with OrCAD.  

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