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Our Top Gifts for Engineers


With the holiday season now in full swing, we're sure your loved ones are asking what's on your Christmas list.  If you are drawing a blank, have no fear, we have provided a list of items we think you will love and covers almost any budget.


Bare Conductive Electric Paint – $6.99


Photo By: Bare Conductive


Bare Conductive® Electric Paint is not just any paint—it conducts electricity! This means you can paint wires and sensors onto almost any material including: paper, wood, plastic, and glass. Because this paint is non-toxic and water soluble, it is perfect for any age. And in case you need to fix a project you already used the paint with, it’s easy to remove the paint—just use some soap and water.  Learn More



MK130 3D Xmas Tree - $9.95


Photo By: Velleman®


To get in the Christmas spirit, light up your desk with this miniature LED Xmas tree. This tree comes with red, green, and yellow LEDs giving you the option to customize the look of your tree. To power this bad boy, you’ll need a 9V Battery, which is not included.   Learn More



Repurposed Computer Parts Picture Frame 3x3 - $16.00


Photo By: Ten Thousand Villages®


This picture frame is perfect for those who love circuit boards and enjoy using items that have been refurbished. This frame was not only created by old computer parts, but was also ethically sourced and handcrafted in Sarai Tarin, India.


The company also carries a larger circuit board frame (6.5LX8.5W format), along with a Circuit Treasure Chest, and a Circuit Board Keepsake Box.   Learn More




Messograf Caliper Pen - $21.60


Photo By: Passion4Pens


The Messograf Caliper Pen is a multipurpose instrument that makes everyday engineering tasks easy and fast. This refillable ballpoint pen not only is retractable, but it’s also a thread scale, caliper rule, tired-tread gauge, and ruler. With the tasks that engineers perform every day, this Messograf Caliper Pen helps you reclaim some time back in your day.  Learn More




Casio Men’s Calculator Watch CA53W-1 - $24.95


Photo By: Casio


If this isn’t nostalgia, I don’t know what is. Casio’s Calculator Watch brings back memories of quick and easy calculations all right at your fingertips. This is perfect for engineers who don't always have a calculator handy or need a fast calculation no matter where they are. This classic is making a comeback and at this price, how could it not?  Learn More



Cyberoptix Circuit Board Tie - $36.00


Photo By: Cyberoptix


With this Circuit Board Necktie, everyone will know that you are a proud member of the electrical engineering community. This is a necktie for those who love patterns and showing up to work in a style all their own. Designed from a real vintage PCB board, and created by a small business owner- this is the perfect gift for those who want to support small business while sporting their enthusiasm for PCB boards.  Learn More



Steelseries Rival 700 Mouse - $99.99


Photo By: steelseries


This Steelseries Rival 700 Mouse is changing how players play the game. They can now feel what’s going on in your game by customized vibrations and intensities. Mana, health, headcount, gold, etc., can all be set to various personalized alerts. During the game, you can even check your real-time stats, so you’ll know the minute something changes.       Learn More



Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones - $169


Photo By: audio-technica®


Popular amongst audio engineers, these headphones are perfect for those who enjoy over the ear headphone style. They come with detachable cables, have 90° swiveling earcups, and can also collapse to save space. They also come in white and limited edition matte gray.   Learn More



X‑Star Premium Drone – $699.00


Photo By: Autel Robotics


This X-Star Premium Drone by Autel Robotics is the perfect present for those who want to reach new heights. With its sleek design and 4k camera, this drone can record a flawless Ultra HD video, or take 12 MP photos. Flying this X-Star Premium drone is a breeze, with its autopilot function and smart flight control system.   Learn More




LulzBot Mini - $1,250


Photo By: LulzBot®


If money is of no concern, the LulzBot Mini makes the perfect gift. This Mini 3D printer is great for beginners who want to produce 3D images at home. For users, the set-up of the LulzBot mini is easy, taking no more than 15 minutes. Create anything your heart desires with this 3D printer.   Learn More



From a 3D printer to electrical paint, this list encompasses gifts for any personality type. Anything on this list we didn't think of? Feel free to tweet your suggestions to us!