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PSpice Walk-through 3: Wiring and Net Aliases

This tutorial demonstrates how to connect and wire PSpice parts in version 17.4 (2021).  After you complete this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Place wires to complete your schematic
  • Rename and edit schematic parts
  • Assign net names

To follow along, continue working with the design completed in PSpice Walk-through 2 or open the provided design, PSpice Walk-through 3_Wiring and Net Aliases.

1. Click to select R2 and drag the component to the right of C1.


2. Select Place > Wire from the menu (W).
3. Click to place the wire.

Note: If you make a mistake, right click and select End Wire twice. Select the wire and press Delete on the keyboard.

4. Select Place > Auto Wire > Two Points from the menu.


5. Click on one side of the component and then click the next component to connect it.

Note: Wires and components can be adjusted by clicking and dragging.

6. Double click the R1 text.


7. Change the value to ResistorOne. Click OK.
8. Double click on the value 1k for ResistorOne.
9. Change the value to 100k. Click OK.


10. Select Place > Net Alias from the menu (N).

Note: Use of net aliases makes it easier to track the nets you want to observe in your probe window when doing simulations.


11. Assign Input as the Alias and click OK.
12. Click to place on the wire to the left of ResistorOne.
13. Right click and select Edit Properties.
14. Assign Output as the Alias and click OK.
15. Click to place on the wire to the right of C1.

16. Right click and select End Mode (ESC).