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Technology in This Seasons Toys


Photo By: Piper


In the world of post-millennials, technology is an integral part of everyday life. A significant aspect of younger generations is their wide-spread usage of the Internet from an early age. It should come as no surprise to parents that tech toys are growing in popularity and are becoming more difficult to avoid. Most if not all of the top toy lists for the 2016 holiday season include several smart toys embedded with the latest technology.  


Tech toys push kid’s creativity and innovation with a whole new level of interaction. Toys with technological advances are more interactive than traditional toys, allowing for days’ worth of entertainment instead of hours. Many of the new tech toys for the 2016 holiday season engage kids in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning through enhanced robotics, augmented reality, and circuitry.  


The following list of this season’s top technology toys are expected to engage, motivate, and teach kids all the while getting them up, moving, thinking, and creating. 


Top 10 Interactive Technology Toys of 2016:

Photo By: Spin Master


1. Spin MasterTM’s Hatchimals: This season must-have toy for both boys and girls begins with an egg. Each egg contains one of two magical Hatchimal species: Pengualas and Draggles. Using sensors and the latest technology, the egg hatches into a colorful plush toy that interacts with their owners. Hatchimals respond to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through taps, pecks, lights and sound. Hatchimals require attention to grow from baby to toddler to its final kid stage. This exciting toy offers hours of entertainment as kids teach their furry friends to walk and even dance. Learn More


Photo By: ANKI


2. AnkiTM’s Cozmo Robot®: This AI-powered robot built of over 1.2 million lines of code and 324 parts is a one-of-a-kind must have for kids and kids at heart. Cozmo brings interactivity to a new level, with his ability to recognize your face and learn your name. The more you play with Cozmo, the more his personality evolves, learning through activities, games, and preforming tricks on demand. Connect Cozmo with his companion app running on a smart device (iOS, Android and Kindle Fire) for endless possibilities! Learn More


Photo By: Piper


3. Piper Computer Kit: One of the most engaging STEM toys out this season is Piper’s Raspberry Pi Computer Kit. This one of a kind hand-crafted wooden computer case comes complete with engineering blueprint and all parts necessary for kids as young as 6 to build their own computer. There are essentially three phases, assemble the computer following the blueprint, play the PiperUniverse Minecraft levels, and continue your CS experience with more Raspberry Pi Projects and their coding API. Learn More

Photo By: WowWee


4. WowWeeTM’s CHiPTM Robotic Dog: For those interested in owning a dog without the mess, check out CHiP the trainable robot dog. This smart robotic dog has the ability to recognize voice commands and learns to respond to its owner. CHiP is fully mobile, playing fetch with the smart ball (included), follows you everywhere you go with the smart band (also included), and can find his own charging station when he’s tired. Download the free app for remote control access, tricks, and other fun ways to interact with CHiP. Learn More



Photo By: OWI


5. OWITM Super Solar Recycler: Use found objects around the house including CDs, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles to create state-of-the-art, eco-friendly robots! The Super Solar Recycler kit comes complete with solar panels, motors and instructions on how to create fun five fun robots including “Street Roller”, “Bottle Yacht”, and “Flying Bird”. Encourage kids to experiment in an eco-friendly manner harnessing new green solar energy source. Learn More


Photo By: Hasbro 


6. HasbroTM’s Star WarsTM Smart R2-D2: Connect to R2-D2 wirelessly with the smart phone app to drive him remotely. R2-D2 is a programmable and interactive droid that will respond to your voice, your hand movements, and dance to your favorite Star Wars theme music. The smartphone also includes drag-and-drop programming games presented in the form of ‘missions’ to set this droid apart from its Sphero Star Wars counterpart BB-8, released last year. Learn More


Photo By: Sphero


7. Sphero® SPRK+: Program and play in more ways than one. More than just a robot, the Sphero SPRK+ is powered by Bluetooth smart at a 30-meter range. Connect to the SPRK Lightning Lab app for endless program capabilities. Drive the SPRK+ from land to water with its shock-proof, scratch proof and waterproof features. Learn More



Photo By: Osmo


8. OsmoTM Coding Set: Coding isn’t just for adults any longer. Osmo released a brand new award winning educational game system for iPad designed for ages 5-12 teaching kids the basics of coding. The kit comes with an iPod dock and blocks with different commands that connect to the app.  Users are able to explore core coding concepts intuitively through a hands-on experience with physical building blocks to move the animation on the screen. Learn More


Photo By: Kurio


9. KurioTM Watch: The first smartwatch built for kids. Wearable smart technology is the latest trend for both kids and adults. This touch screen and motion sensitive watch is Bluetooth enabled, has a built-in speaker and microphone and is compatible with both PC and MACs. With a Kurio watch, kids can take pictures, record video, play games, and send messages to other Kurio watches or android devices. Learn More


Photo By: MGA Entertainment


10. Project Mc2’s Circuit Beats: Make music out of anything with Project Mc2’s Circuit Beats. Complete an electrical circuit with the included wires by clipping them to things found around your house that conduct electricity- and one grounding wire to your finger. Use the circuit board shaped as a game controller to select from five different sound options and start making music. Kids will not only enjoy making music but will also learn more about electrical circuits and how they work at the same time. Learn More


With so many choices for both genders, kids today are able to engage with toys unlike any other generation before. By utilizing these toys kids are learning valuable traits through technology. This type of interaction is producing a new interest in technology which could result in a lasting interest in the engineering field as they grow up.