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Top Five Problems Ultra Librarian for OrCAD Solves: Do You Waste Too Much Time Outside the CAD Environment? (1 of 5)

PCB design engineers are often forced to leave their native CAD program in order to create or search for parts. Having multiple windows switching between different platforms can be time consuming, tedious and increase the rate of errors in the final design. Wouldn’t it be more efficient and less error prone if there was a way to search and find components directly within the OrCAD software?  


Ultra Librarian for OrCAD was built with OrCAD users in mind, allowing engineers to do just that. Users receive instant access to the Ultra Librarian cloud-based library of millions of parts. With this integration engineers can now easily search for parts, preview either the symbol or the footprint, and place directly into their schematic without ever leaving the design environment.  


Finding and utilizing new library components now becomes a natural part of the design process. Ultra Librarian for OrCAD helps to simplify engineer’s lives by creating a seamless integration between part library sourcing and their OrCAD PCB design platform. This type of integration between design content and the design software is becoming vital to productivity as PCB design project schedules continue to shrink. 


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