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Top Five Problems Ultra Librarian for OrCAD Solves: Having trouble finding unified part libraries? Symbols, footprints, and 3D models all need to match (4 of 5)

How many times have you worked on a design where three different people created the symbol, footprint, and 3D model—and of course they don’t match? The symbol doesn’t have the right number of pins; the footprint is a generic version that’s close; the 3D model is the right type, but the solder points don’t quite line up with the footprint pads; the problems seem endless. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply download a matched set?


PCB designers spend too much time searching for parts for their designs, ultimately slowing down their productivity. Part libraries are often disjointed, with symbols in one place, footprints in another and 3D models somewhere else. If all of the parts are sourced separately or built at different times, they may not be in sync which can lead to miscommunication and design errors. Finding the correct combinations is yet another challenge left to the design team. 



With Ultra Librarian for OrCAD, it is now easier than ever to search, preview and download; symbols, footprints, and 3D models. All three are automatically linked, unifying the elements of the part as a single component with multiple views for logical, physical, and 3D. The symbols found in Ultra Librarian have properties associated with them that allow you to move seamlessly from schematic capture to PCB layout, where the footprints are arranged on the board for connectivity, and finally to step models defining the size and shape of the part that sits on the footprint. Having access to a comprehensive library of component data all in one location allows you to locate exactly what you need without having to go on a “wild goose chase” for all the elements needed for the part.


Save time and reduce errors by integrating Ultra Librarian for OrCAD into your workflow. Contact us for more information.