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What's Good About PSpice Data Precision Options? They’re in the 16.6 Release!

Just a brief blog today to make sure you were aware that PSpice 16.6 now provides 64-bit data precision by default. This ensures a higher precision compared to the 32-bit data. For example, when a very small amplitude voltage is superimposed on a large voltage, the resulting voltage loses its resolution, displaying staircase waveforms. With 64-bit precision, for the same signal, a perfect ramp waveform is displayed.


Here’s a simulation output with the 32-bit data precision set (notice the staircase style of output):



Now, change the Probe Data option to 64-bit:


Here’s the resulting waveform (notice the smooth results):


I look forward to your feedback!


Jerry "GenPart" Grzenia


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