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Design and analysis is a collaborative connected effort. Sigrity Aurora is the revolutionary solution that finally lets you work that way.

See What Allegro PCB Can Do For You

Unparalleled Accuracy and Precision

Solve your signal and power integrity design challenges across the board, at any stage of the design flow, from crosstalk interference to IR drop.

DesignTrue DFM Technology for First Pass Manufacturing Success

Access the unparalleled accuracy and speed of the Sigrity engines for SI & PI analysis and qualification in one easy-to-use platform.

Built for Speed & Productivity

Run analysis and view results directly overlaid on the PCB design data, eliminating common issues and transcription errors found in disjointed flows.

The Best Design Teams Choose Allegro For:

High-Speed | Miniturization | DFM | RF | TEAM Design | Integration

Impedance Discontinuities

Coupling Issues

Return Path Issues





Power Integrity

High-Reistance Routing Neckdowns

Path and Loop Resistance Issues

Voltage Drop

Current Density

Excessive / Insufficient Copper

Power Delivery Network PDN Issues

Copper Islands

See What Unrestricted Design Freedom Can Be

No one wants to be stuck fixing issues late in the design cycle. Designs are getting too complex and schedules too short to wait until the end for analysis. Yet traditional, disjointed design and analysis tools make it challenging to perform and communicate analysis results in an iterative fashion. This leaves much of the “problem discovery” late in the design. Sigrity Aurora allows collaborative work among design teams to identify and fix issues in context of the design at any stage. Quickly perform analysis, identify issues with overlaid simulation results, and verify your fixes all inside a common PCB design and analysis platform. See how the best in class Sigrity and Allegro engines combined enable true electrically aware design from start to finish.

Advanced Routing

Detect and resolve impedance discontinuities and high-impedance traces while you design in the PCB canvas to improve signal quality

HighSpeed Optimized

Manufacture a reliable product by detecting and correcting coupling issues throughout your design without relying on an SI expert.

Miniturization & HDI

High-speed designs are susceptible to reflection and ringing, analyze simulation-driven results to correct these common SI issues while you design.

Flexible Efficient Reuse

Resolve Data transfer issues and corruption in your high-speed design, by analyzing crosstalk and increasing spacing for the detected aggressor traces.

Correct By Construction

Detect inconsistencies between signals and return path which could degrade circuit functionality with simulation-driven analysis directly on your PCB canvas.

Real-Time DFM Checking

Any adjustments to copper planes could result in field failure due to reliability issues. Simulate and visualize IR Drop to improve power integrity throughout your design.

SMART’s PCB design flow has taken a major step forward now that Cadence’s Sigrity analysis engines are embedded into the Allegro design environment.  PCB designers, electrical engineers and SI experts can now edit and analyze designs in parallel , freeing the design team to rapidly move through multiple design phases and avoid separate out-of-sync design files. The Sigrity analysis engines provide accurate results that correlate to lab measurements and provide seamless access to the Allegro layout tools, reducing the amount of time required for each PCB design.

Bob Frey Senior Director, Memory and Systems Engineering

SMART Modular Technologies

Collaborative Design is Here

From early topology exploration to post-route review, analyze and optimize your design at all stages. Co-design in real-time directly in the design editing environment for true collaborative design.

Pre-and-Post Layout Analysis

Identify optimal design strategies with an integrated and intuitive topology editing environment and quickly ‘what if’ analyses to identify optimal design strategies

Real-Time Collaboration

Avoid miscommunication and delays from emails chains, word docs, and out-of-date design files. Technology designers, SI/PI experts, and other team members can view, edit, and analyze the same design database, at the same time, live and in-context.

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