What's New with Constraint Manager for OrCAD

High-Speed PCB Design Made Simple

Constraint Manager for OrCAD is purpose-built to give engineers a flexible, easy-to-use management system from initial design specification to final signoff. The latest release (version 2.0) builds on this goal with additional rules, new automation capabilities for DDR, and enhancements to the collaboration and change management capabilities. Easily manage high-speed designs and make constraint management an inherent part of your design process with Constraint Manager for OrCAD.

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DDR/High-Speed Bus Designer

Routing DDR and high-speed bus interfaces can be one of the most daunting tasks in your design. Just getting all the various signal relationships and requirements defined and understood can feel like a PhD thesis on its own. With the new bus designer, all you need to do is simply describe the bus you are trying route and Constraint Designer EE will handle generating the appropriate constraints automatically.

More Constraints, More Flexibility

Accurately describe your design intent so you can avoid issues down the road. Constraint Designer EE includes support for items such as back drill settings, pin-delay, via lists, etc. With Constraint Designer EE, you have the flexibility to define as many or as few rules as you need to ensure design success.

Physical Requirements at the Conceptual Stage

Often, you as the engineer have insight into specific routing layers and stackup requirements. Easily set these during the conceptual phase to ensure there is no confusion during implementation. With Constraint Designer EE, you can easily define and review critical, physical constraints while in your schematic environment. 

Change Management Made Easy

In a PCB design project, the only constant is change. Whether it's changes to the features set, mechanical housing, general timeline, or target product cost, these changes need to be adjusted and managed within your design rules. Constraint Designer EE enables you to review constraint changes between schematic and PCB to verify proper design intent is being maintained. While change may be inevitable, Constraint Designer EE helps keep your design requirements in sync throughout the entire project.

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