OrCAD PSpice Extended


Simulation with PSpice® training starts with the basics of entering a design for simulation and builds a solid foundation in the overall use of the tool. This class is ideal for both new PSpice® users and experienced engineers who need to maximize the performance of their circuits. Students should be familiar with the schematic design process to take this class.

Options and Duration:

Live-Online: $2,000; (4-day class 8am - 5pm*)

* Time zone EST

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to enter a design for simulation
  • Run DC bias, DC sweep, AC sweep analysis, and Transient analysis
  • Understand how Capture communicates with PSpice
  • Edit stimulus to create any kind of input waveform
  • How tolerances work and how they affect convergence
  • Run sweeps using parametric analysis
  • Bring models from the internet into PSpice
  • Create subcircuits and custom parts for simulation
  • Run Monte Carlo and worst case analysis'
  • Create linear and non-linear transformers
  • Model parts mathematically using ABMs (Analog Behavioral Models)
  • Run digital and mixed-signal simulation
  • Modify your enviornment to provide accurate results at any temperature
  • Save simulation time by re-using existing simulation results


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OrCAD Certification Included

Users who sign up for this class are able to take the OrCAD certification test.  Certifications are designed to help students demonstrate their mastery of OrCAD products.

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