Match the circuits to the waveforms for a chance to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card.

This Contest has Ended. Congratulations to Our Winner!

See how determining circuit behavior is easy with PSpice.  Watch until the end to see the winner of the contest. 

Can You Match the Circuits to the Waveforms?

Utilizing capacitors and inductors to filter-out unwanted signals is common but incorrect configuration can yield the opposite results. Let's put your knowledge of filters to the test. The PDF below contains four circuits and four waveforms, can you match them to their correct counterpart? 

Download the PDF and enter match the circuits to the waveform using the form below for a chance to win. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $100.00 Amazon Giftcard.

Deadline to enter is June 30, 2022, winner announced July 1, 2022.

Streamlined Circuit Analysis and Optimization with PSpice

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  • Integrated model libraries and simulation
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  • Extensive waveform analysis

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Directions: Match the circuits to the waveforms then fill out the form below.

Circuit A
Circuit B
Circuit C
Circuit D

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