Constraint Manager for OrCAD

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Effortlessly specify, communicate, and track design intent 

With designs becoming more complex and project timelines shortening, it is essential to find ways to enhance the design process. Constraint Manager for OrCAD makes your design constraints an inherent part of your process.  Easily communicate design intent through embedded rules and constraints throughout design development. Avoid errors, reduce confusion, and complete designs faster with the OrCAD unified, constraint-driven design flow. 



Simple spreadsheet interface makes it easy to add, review, and track design constraints without leaving your schematic design environment.




Specify design intent with full support for electrical, physical, and spacing rules for differential pairs and other critical nets.



Inside OrCAD

Add constraints inside OrCAD Capture. Rules are added directly to the design database and stored within the Capture .DSN file. 



Define constraints at various levels of abstraction with support for rules at the bus, class, and individual net(s).


PCB Aware

Sync with PCB implementation at the touch of button. Even import stackup data to set layer and other physical rules at the schematic level. 



Easily share common constraints across like elements in the same design or across designs.

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Learn how Constraint Manager for OrCAD can help you manage design intent, helping you to avoid errors and complete your designs faster.


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