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Respins Should Not Be the Norm

Are you finding late stage design issues have become all too common? Do you often have rework and updates to make after sending your design to manufacturing? Only OrCAD provides real-time design analysis so problems are identified as they occur with real-time visual feedback. Settling for software that forces you to wait to determine where your problems are will cost time and money. With OrCAD, first-time success is an expectation, no respins necessary.

  • Real-Time Design for Manufacturability: Post design DFM checks are too late. Real-time DFM checks in OrCAD gives you the full DFM checks you need as you design, so you can sign-off with confidence.
  • Real-Time Route Analysis: Interactive checks help you to easily find and fix common route quality issues that manufacturing DRC signoff checks miss. 
  • Real-Time Placement Analysis: Visual indicators of length constraints help you meet delay propagation and total etch-length goals when placing components. 

Your Ideas Have No Bounds and Neither Should Your Software

Software and support should not limit your creativity. CAD tools should not only support your current PCB design needs, but also be able to evolve as your ideas do. In addition, should trouble arise, you should be greeted with the five-star support you deserve.

  • Future Proof Design: OrCAD can grow with evolving design demands, providing the security of scalability for future challenges.
  • Proven Technology: Award-winning OrCAD technology, powered by Allegro, provides intuitive and robust tools.
  • Reliable Support: US-based support staffed by experienced engineers.

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See for yourself how OrCAD PCB is designed to help you drive your products from idea to production.

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