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Efficient Footprint Creation

Create footprints easily through templates for most commonly used parts, reducing design cycle time.

Advanced Symbol Creation

Allows single sourcing of part data where librarians need to support design teams who use multiple schematic editors. Direct export to multiple schematic editor formats make it easy to develop parts in a single toolset.

Spreadsheet Based Part Creation

Aids in manipulating large pin-count part data, making symbol creation easy and quick. Not only create complex IEC and IEEE shapes, but save them as reusable library elements.

Reduce Errors

Provides extensive part validation capabilities with built-in checks at every stage of the part creation process—ensuring schematic components and footprints are in sync.

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Additional information and details are available in the Allegro PCB Librarian datasheet.

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Speed Up Your Library Creation Process and Increase Productivity

See how Tait Communications was able to increase the library creation process by 25% and decreased time spend managing parts libraries by 40%.

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