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Design Data Management Done Right

Design data management may not be the flashiest aspect of PCB design, but knowing your underlying CAD data is up-to-date and accurate is a critical function to help ensure you and your team are able to focus on the important stuff. The OrCAD EDM 5.0 release applies our mission of "simplifying the mundane" to design data management, so it becomes a seamless part of your design process and you can focus on what's important —driving product innovation to new levels.

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Faster, Bigger, Stronger

Designs are getting bigger and more complex at an ever-increasing rate. To keep pace, the OrCAD EDM 5.0 underlying architecture has received a substantial upgrade which provides significant performance gains (up to 2.5x faster) for even your largest,managed projects.

Library Management Built to Scale

OrCAD EDM 5.0 provides a comprehensive library management system to help you track the status of all your symbols, footprints, and other CAD models— ensuring you and your team will always be using the latest, correct version of your parts.


Whether you are using a public or private cloud OrCAD EDM 5.0 can be deployed on the technology stack that best works for your business. 

Your Data, Your Processes

Each company has their own ‘twist’ on the product design process that best fits their needs. Your data management solution should fit into your process not force you into a new one. Customize OrCAD EDM 5.0 to match your process and data needs every step of the way.

Additional Features

Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD EDM PDF.

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