Manage your constraints from the beginning.

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Drive the Cadence High-Speed PCB Flow

Easily embed design intent directly into OrCAD Capture to drive constraint driven PCB implementation.

Innovative GUI

Introduces a new, innovative GUI to display properties in a database-linked spreadsheet view.

Advanced Net Property Control

Easily embed net, parts, and high-speed properties into OrCAD Capture schematics.


 Allows users to cross-probe between MakeCAP and the open OrCAD Capture Schematic.

Built-in Compare Function

Compare properties and objects between any two versions of Capture schematic.

Correct by Construction

Ensure constraints are correclty defined with built-in error checking

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Additional information and details are available in the MakeCAP datasheet.

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Constraints Flows for Your Process

View a list of videos to help learn several methods to set constraints within MakeCAP.

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