Improve Productivity Over 50% With SKillCAD IC Layout Automation Suite for Cadence Virtuoso 

Looking to Improve Chip Time-to-Market? Look No Further. 

Cadence Virtuoso + SkillCAD IC (LAS) have become the preferred standard layout environment for analog, RF and mixed-signal designs. Over 80% of the major analog and mixed signal semiconductor companies now use SkillCAD to improve designers productivity while reducing Tape-Out Delays.  IC Layout Automation Suite (LAS) is a collection of 120+ user guided and auto routing commands that can boost layout productivity on average 30-50%. SkillCAD’s proprietary “correct and optimized by construction” eliminates design rule violations and automates complex error prone layout implementation while reducing tape-out time. SkillCAD’s IC LAS integrates seamlessly with Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite, allowing:
  • Customers to never have to leave Virtuoso environment while designing 
  • Use of same tech rope files 
  • Access to additional 120+ commands not offered in Virtuoso, SkillCAD addresses many specific design styles and common tasks that designers must perform 

IC Layout Automation Suite (LAS) Overview video:

  • SkillCAD on average provides a 30-50% increase in Virtuoso layout designers productivity.

  • SkillCAD’s layout commands improve layout quality while reducing complex function to a few simple clicks.

  • SkillCAD has over 120 correct by construction commands that have significantly increased productivity and reduced our time to tape-out.

  • SkillCAD seamlessly integrates with Cadence Virtuoso, our layout designers were using IC LAS the same day it was installed.

The SKILLCAD Index Guide was developed to help designers to know what SKILLCAD Commands are available and where to find the commands on the SKILLCAD tool bar or menu. It also contains a brief description of the commands, indicates which commands are most often used by layout designers, and which commands should work completely or partially in advanced nodes (N10, N7, N5, etc.).

The SKILLCAD Topical Guide was developed to help designers to know where to find the SKILLCAD commands to complete common layout tasks and provide training materials that teach how to use the commands. The topics, or tasks, in the Topical Guide are grouped alphabetically under main headings such as “Arrays”, “Buses”, “Calculations and measurements”, etc.

On-Demand Webinar: Increase Virtuoso IC Layout Productivity with SkillCAD

See how you can leverage powerful new routines directly inside the Virtuoso canvas to improve your design productivity up to 50% for faster, more efficient tape-outs.

IC Layout Automation Suite (LAS) Command Groups

Increase design productivity, while reducing tape-out delays.

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