PSpice Advanced Analysis

Unique analysis capabilities to help you optimize your designs while improving reliability, predictability, yield, and cost.

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Beyond Standard SPICE Simulation

PSpice Advanced Analysis provides a unique set of analysis capabilities which enable design teams to take simulation to the next level. Create 1,000's of virtual prototypes to test for design failures, maximize circuit performance, and optimize for cost early in the design process all before building a single physical prototype.


Improve Yield

Utilize advanced Monte Carlo simulation to determine if yield will be acceptable before moving to manufacturing.

Reduce Costs

Estimate worst case circuit performance to identify where lower cost relaxed tolerance devices can be swapped in without adversely affecting the design.

Design for Reliability

Identify which components are in danger of becoming over stressed or failing under intended operating conditions before you go to production.


Let PSpice quickly evaluate multiple design implementation options to determine the best path based on your unique design criteria.

Full Mixed-Signal Analysis

Integrated C/C++ and SPICE simulation engines enable you to fully model mixed signal electronic devices at any level of abstraction.

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PSpice Designer product suites provide all the tools you need to start simulating quickly at a reduced cost.

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