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17.2 Alegro PCB Editor Backdrill Enhancements

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With the Allegro 17.2-2016 release, many improvements have been made to the backdrill process to assist the PCB designer in managing the backdrill vias/padstacks, route around the backdrill vias/padstacks with accurate DRCs, and real-time feedback. Backdrill data is now stored in the library padstacks and utilized at the design level during the analysis and backdrill-generation process. Padstacks that do not have pre-defined backdrill information can be automatically updated at the design level by entering the backdrill criteria prior to running backdrill. All backdrill data is available on the individual pin/via objects displayed on the canvas or by simply querying the object using Show Element, and generating the Backdrill Legends and detailed Backdrill Report. In addition, the setup time for backdrill can now be improved as a result of algorithms designed to create intelligent layer pairs.






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