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Via Array/Shielding with OrCAD

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With the size of devices decreasing and frequencies increasing, the need for managing electromagnetic interference in RF Designs is more important than ever. This disturbance by an outside source can cause a variety of issues in your design including a decrease in signal and power integrity, addition of cross talk, resonance and ringing, or even complete circuit failure. Designing for these issues at the board level is a tedious and time-consuming part of the design process, but allows you to ensure your design intent is not affected. A common, inexpensive solution is to include via shielding in your design. OrCAD helps you do this using Via Arrays. Automatically insert a group of vias in a matrix pattern over the entire board, an area inside a boundary box, or in a dynamic shape. And place vias as a boundary around a shape, hole, route keepout, cline, via, or pin. By placing vias with proper spacing around the edge of your board or high-risk areas, you can reduce EMI and cross talk. Design changes are made easy with the ability to unplace all vias automatically. Quickly and easily add and edit the necessary via shielding and ensure your RF designs are not affected by EMI with Via Arrays in OrCAD PCB Designer.

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