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Home2Net: Meeting Board Space Constraints and Time-to-Market Targets with OrCAD PCB Design Tools

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About home2net
home2net is a German enterprise selling secure and easy-touse
smart cloud solutions to OEMs for use in Internet of Things
(IoT) and industry 4.0 applications. The company creates all of its
hardware and software products in house. In addition, home2net
offers integrated cloud solutions in cooperation with a high-availability
European datacenter.


Its target markets include industrial automation, cloud, and smart
building. Typical applications cover areas such as remote control,
remote operation, data logging, remote services, and administration,
as well as remote connections to arbitrary devices and
buildings via the cloud or an app.




  • Provide flexible platform for multiple OEM apps
  • Shorten development time for IoT market
  • Be able to place dense electronics inside limited
  • 3D housing
  • Manage many different I/O interfaces
  • Support digital and analog design with measurement and high-power circuits


Cadence Solutions

  • OrCAD® Capture CIS
  • OrCAD PCB Designer Professional
  • OrCAD Productivity Toolbox



Lessons Learned

  • Use hierarchical simulation capability in OrCAD PSpice Designer to model microphone preamplifier circuits
  • Take advantage of benchmark simulations to evaluate circuit behavior under different environmental conditions, like extreme temperatures



  • 30% faster development cycle
  • 15% cost savings
  • Ability to meet stringent time-to-market targets