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Net in Groups with OrCAD

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Matching trace lengths for large-bit buses and differential pairs in your design is vital. However, this can be a tedious process and mismatched lengths can result in signal quality and integrity issues. Signals may need to be synchronized with clocks and unmatched differential pairs create additional noise. Any of these issues can be detrimental to your design. However, by automating the process you can improve signal quality and reduce time and errors, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of the design. OrCAD helps you do this with constraints for Net Groups. Create Constraints for minimum and maximum propagation delay in mils, nanoseconds or percentage. Or set constraints for total etch length. Create Net Groups and assign the constraints to all the nets in a group. Analyze the constraints without ever leaving the Constraint Manager. DRC Markers flag any incorrect lengths in real-time. Eliminate the need to check each individual net with OrCAD PCB Designer.

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