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Working with OrCAD: Cross Section

This week’s Working with OrCAD video, Cross Section, will discuss how OrCAD can help you review design specs and determine physical requirements (i.e. controlled impedance, high voltage nets, high amperage nets, etc.) which can help you work more efficiently with your manufacturer to come up with a cost-efficient stack up or build. The video will also cover two different ways to enter the stack up information into your design either by manually entering the information into the setup cross-section dialog or via the IPC2581 standard— these methods help ensure your designs are accurate and can be repeatedly produced correctly.

Next week’s video will discuss the constraint manager within OrCAD. The heart and soul of Cadence design products, it allows designers to control the phsyicality of their PCB design. The video will go over ways to leverage this feature in order to create error-free designs. Two different ways of unleashing the power of our constraint manager will be discussed: The four types of C-sets (also known as Constraint sets) and net grouping within the system. For more information on PCB Editor, visit our product page.

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