The Problem:
The goal of electronic boards testing and integration is to verify that the product is free of design errors. When a failure is detected, a massive root cause analysis process starts until the failure cause is found, the design correction is made, and then a new prototype is produced and re-tested. During that time, the design team is waiting.

The Solution:
BQR’s fiXtress™ is a unique software for detecting design errors in circuit board designs during the schematic capture stage, before the board layout is started.
BQR’s fiXtress main features are:

  • Advanced circuit electrical stress simulator which calculates the actual operational values (power, volt-age, current)
  • Unique automated design review and analysis (based on BQR patent), which takes into account the calculated operational values
  • Multi-board integration analysis
  • Component derating


  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce development cost
  • Increase product reliability and boost company reputation
  • Detect design errors before layout and manufacturing
  • Select optimal components
  • Reduce verification and validation time

fiXtress Experience:
Many leading global companies have been using BQR’s fiXtress professional services. By finding design errors early in the design process, these companies have saved a lot of time and money.

“fiXtress helps us accelerate our efforts to perform automated design reviews, electrical stress analysis and reliability prediction prior to PCB layout and manufacturing. It is both a time-saver and a productivity enhancer”  -Dr. Josh Liew, Reliability Program Manager, Baker Hughes

Product Description

BQR’s fiXtress is a superior Design for Reliability (DfR) suite that integrates with OrCAD. fiXtress™ is the only tool that integrates design error detection with electrical stress, thermal, MTBF, and service life predictions at the schematic level. This allows designers to detect potential critical errors before beginning the PCB layout.

fiXtress Benefits:

    • Improves design robustness by detecting errors during schematic review
    • Corrects hard-to-detect design errors before fab-out
    • Streamlines the design process
    • Plug-in for OrCAD Capture, suitable for any analog or digital PCB design
    • Applicable for all industries requiring highly reliable electronics boards

The powerful fiXtress toolkit provides the the following capabilities:

    • Simple MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) calculations according to Mil HDBK-217F2 Parts Count and Telcordia SR-332 issue 3 Parts Count & Parts Stress.
    • BOM is automatically created from the schematic.
    • Full excel reports are generated.
    • The tool includes a components library utility with an easy method of defining new components for reuse.
    • Back annotation of the components MTBF (Failure Rate) to the schematic.
    • Easy connection to BQR’s fiXtress provides additional design simulation tools such as: automated schematic review, automated electrical stress derating and thermal analysis.
    • Additional Reliability and Safety engineering tools are available on
    • Electrical Stress Derating
    • FMEA: Failure Modes Effects Analysis
    • FMECA: Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis
    • FTA: Fault Tress Analysis
    • RBD: Redundancy/Reliability Block Diagram

Click Here for the fiXtress Datasheet

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