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OrCAD® For Teams is the complete PCB design solution for today’s distributed work environments. Whether your design team works remotely, in the office, or both, OrCAD For Teams enables efficient collaborative PCB design.

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Product Description

OrCAD For Teams brings you the power of OrCAD with design library, data, and supply chain intelligence built in. This all encompassing team design suite allows you to design, analyze, manage, and release to manufacturing all in one collaborative PCB platform.

Collaborate Natively
Easily collaborate no matter where you are with multiple ways to access design data. Automated notifications and real-time dashboards keeps you up-to-date on project status. 

  • In-tool or external thin client access
  • Email notifications and triggers
  • Real-time tracking and updates
  • Managed design partitioning and assignment

Supply Chain Intelligence
Make intelligent part decisions with real-time access to supply chain information and component data directly within OrCAD.

  • Real-time pricing and availability
  • Lead time
  • Quantity on hand
  • RoHS compliance
  • Obsolescence
  • Live part status updates

Revision Control
Eliminate communication mishaps and ensure your team is always on the same page with built-in revision control and change tracking. 

  • Full version history
  • Automatic versioning
  • Visual version compare
  • Automated related file updates

Release to Manufacturing
Streamline the packaging of manufacturing data and ensure board success with the automatic generation of all necessary documents for manufacturing.

  • One button complete manufacturing package including: IPC-2581, ODB++, BOM, and more
  • Guaranteed current file revision
  • Automatic assignment of date and time for easy package tracking
  • Push completed, validated release packages to PLM
  • Automated design validation prior to release

OrCAD For Teams includes:

Unified PCB Design Environment: Access the only unified, scalable PCB design platform built to grow with you. Design, analyze, manage, and build all within a single environment with “best-in-class in every class” technology.

Design and Library Date Management: Managing your design & libraries should not require a whole new set of tools and personnel. Explore our integrated design and library management solutions to enable fast, efficient, and traceable data & library management all built inside the CAD tools you use every day.

Supply Chain Intelligence: Identify and prevent part availability, obsolescence, lifecycle, and more while designing with embedded real-time supply chain data. Solve supply chain problems before they happen to ensure a smooth path to production.

Simulation and Analysis: Ensure your design is electrically correct form the start with built-in engines for SPICE and SI analysis. Providing real-time views into design performance directly in the PCB canvas.

ECAD-MCAD Collaboration: Electrical and mechanical design requirements are more intertwined than ever. See how EMA enables seamless collaboration between ECAD and MCAD with automated change tracking, change approvals, and native file support.

High Speed Constraint Driven Design: Keep up with the design changes as they happen.

DFM and Release to Manufacturing: Where the rubber meets the road and your idea becomes a reality. Our integrated DFM and product release solutions allow you to prepare and check for manufacturing from the start and send your products to be built with confidence.

Additional Information

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Standard, Professional

License term

Perpetual, Time Based

License method

Dongle, Host ID

Licensing Methods & Terms

Methods | Terms

OrCAD uses a floating license model which allows purchased licenses to be shared amongst users (one active user per license available). This gives users the flexibility to best leverage their software and ensure consistent usage among potential users. The OrCAD license can be managed and purchased in a couple different ways depending on preference and needs of the user. Teams can mix and match these methods and terms to best suit their needs.

Licensing Methods


With this method a license is tied to the HOST (aka physical address) of a specific machine. This can be tied to a server or client machine depending on usage needs.

  1. Server: The license is hosted on a server using the servers physical address (HOST ID). User client machines can then connect to the server to access and check-out the license when in use. This allows licensing and access to be centrally managed. Users do need to be able to connect to the server to successfully check out a license with this method.

    Ideal for: Mid to Large user teams that need to be able to easily share licenses and will primarily use license in location with access to a centralized license server.

  2. Computer Host ID: The license is tied to the physical address of the users computer (HOST ID or NIC card). The user can then access the license on their machine. No connectivity to an external server is required. This may limit the ability to share the license though as the users machine would need to be on the network and active to be shared.

    Ideal for: Single / primary users who do not need usually need to share the license and want the flexibility and portability to access the software wherever they are.

Note: Standard license sharing is limited to a 1 mile radius from where the license is located (intended to cover a single site or campus). Broader sharing options are available (Nationwide and global). Contact us for details

License Terms

OrCAD is offered in a perpetual or time-based licensing model. This provides users flexibility in how they plan to use and account for the software over time. Both license models include support and updates with initial purchase.

  1. Perpetual License: A perpetual license grants the license holder 99year access to the software (referred to as perpetual access). This license includes access to updates and support for 1year from the initial purchase. The user can then opt to renew their maintenance contract to continue receiving new updates and support going forward. If the user opts not renew maintenance the software will still function, it will just be locked at the last version they user was eligible for and they will not have direct access to technical support.

Ideal for: Users who plan to use the software for multiple projects.


  1. Time-based License: A time-based license grants the license holder access to the software for a specific period (1 year for time-based licenses placed through the store*). This license includes access to updates and support for the duration of the term. When the term expires the license and software is no longer available for use and another term must be purchased to continue access.

Ideal for: Users who plan to use the program for a specific project, need to bill the cost of the software to specific program or project, or have temporary capacity license needs.


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