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OrCAD PCB Designer Pro

Gain professional grade PCB design capabilities with OrCAD PCB Designer Professional. In addition to all functions which are already included in the standard version, this version supports the definition of differential signals, interactive routing with the possibility to define extensive design rules in Constraint Manager, and Real-Time PCB Design. Select from the available licensing options below that best meet your design needs (learn more about license types)

Time Based

Ultra Librarian for OrCAD - 6 Month Access

6 Month Access

Ultra Librarian for OrCAD provides a comprehensive, cloud-based library with millions of components including symbols, footprints, and 3D models eliminating the need for manual library building and maintenance. Engineers can save time and eliminate errors by searching, previewing, and placing components without leaving their native CAD design environment.


OrCAD Essentials Training Bundle

This training bundle provides access to all five EMA premium online training courses at a discounted rate. Get over 50 hours of expert training and tips from the PCB design experts at EMA Design Automation. Get started today to increase your efficiency, accuracy, and productivity using OrCAD PCB Design products.

Purchase of this course includes 1 year of access to all included course content and materials.


Product Description

The OrCAD® PCB Designer Pro Bundle gives you access to cutting-edge PCB design software, e-Learning training resources, and the massive Ultra Librarian parts library. Everything you need to tackle advanced circuit designs is included in this limited time offer.

Making the transition to the OrCAD PCB Designer Pro environment has never been easier or more affordable. Get all the advanced features included in OrCAD PCB Designer Standard, plus the ability to define differential signals, interactive routing with the possibility to define extensive design rules in Constraint Manager, and Real-Time PCB Design.

  • Advanced interactive PCB editing
  • Automated rigid flex design
  • Design reuse and replication
  • Advanced diff pair routing
  • Constraint manager: advanced physical, spacing, and electrical rules
  • X-net support
  • Post layout SI analysis
  • Autorouting with SPECCTRA

The OrCAD PCB Designer Pro Bundle includes:

  • OrCAD PCB Professional time based license:
      • OrCAD Capture
      • OrCAD PCB Editor
      • PSpice Basics
  • 6-month access to Ultra Librarian for OrCAD
  • 1-year access to EMA OrCAD e-Learning

Want to learn more about OrCAD PCB Designer Pro and the OrCAD PCB Design suites? Visit the product page for additional details.

Additional Information

OrCAD PCB Designer Pro

Os support

Linux-64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit

Latest version


License method

Dongle, Host ID

Licensing Methods & Terms

Methods | Terms

OrCAD uses a floating license model which allows purchased licenses to be shared amongst users (one active user per license available). This gives users the flexibility to best leverage their software and ensure consistent usage among potential users. The OrCAD license can be managed and purchased in a couple different ways depending on preference and needs of the user. Teams can mix and match these methods and terms to best suit their needs.

Licensing Methods


With this method a license is tied to the HOST (aka physical address) of a specific machine. This can be tied to a server or client machine depending on usage needs.

  1. Server: The license is hosted on a server using the servers physical address (HOST ID). User client machines can then connect to the server to access and check-out the license when in use. This allows licensing and access to be centrally managed. Users do need to be able to connect to the server to successfully check out a license with this method.

    Ideal for: Mid to Large user teams that need to be able to easily share licenses and will primarily use license in location with access to a centralized license server.

  2. Computer Host ID: The license is tied to the physical address of the users computer (HOST ID or NIC card). The user can then access the license on their machine. No connectivity to an external server is required. This may limit the ability to share the license though as the users machine would need to be on the network and active to be shared.

    Ideal for: Single / primary users who do not need usually need to share the license and want the flexibility and portability to access the software wherever they are.

Note: Standard license sharing is limited to a 1 mile radius from where the license is located (intended to cover a single site or campus). Broader sharing options are available (Nationwide and global). Contact us for details

License Terms

OrCAD is offered in a perpetual or time-based licensing model. This provides users flexibility in how they plan to use and account for the software over time. Both license models include support and updates with initial purchase.

  1. Perpetual License: A perpetual license grants the license holder 99year access to the software (referred to as perpetual access). This license includes access to updates and support for 1year from the initial purchase. The user can then opt to renew their maintenance contract to continue receiving new updates and support going forward. If the user opts not renew maintenance the software will still function, it will just be locked at the last version they user was eligible for and they will not have direct access to technical support.

Ideal for: Users who plan to use the software for multiple projects.


  1. Time-based License: A time-based license grants the license holder access to the software for a specific period (1 year for time-based licenses placed through the store*). This license includes access to updates and support for the duration of the term. When the term expires the license and software is no longer available for use and another term must be purchased to continue access.

Ideal for: Users who plan to use the program for a specific project, need to bill the cost of the software to specific program or project, or have temporary capacity license needs.


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