Posted on Nov 9, 2017
Our most recent webinar, Constraint-driven design with OrCAD Capture, provided attendees with an overview of Constraint Manager for OrCAD. It is a new option available directly within the OrCAD Capture interface and can help define and embed constraints at the beginning of the design process—ensuring they will be communicated clearly. In addition to the overview on constraint-driven design, Janine Flagg, one of our senior field applications engineers, provided an in-depth demo on the product and answered any questions attendees may have had.
Posted on Nov 1, 2017
The inclusion differential pairs within a design introduces a wide variety of concerns engineers need to be mindful of if they want them to be reliable. Differential pairs are prone to problems if routing requirements and other guidelines are not followed, therefore it is imperative they are done correctly and design rules are always defined and adhered to. To help you as you navigate these rules and help provide some clarity on the topic, we have created an infographic: The Anatomy of a Differential Pair.
Posted on Oct 19, 2017
In such an innovative and technology driven industry, why are you still defining and communicating constraints outside of your CAD environment? With Constraint Manager for OrCAD you can define and embed constraints initially and know that they will be communicated clearly throughout the design cycle.
Posted on Sep 27, 2017
Setting up and implementing a constraint-driven design flow may seem like a daunting planning task, however spending the time upfront can save you hours (or even days) by preventing design mistakes. Proper constraint definition gives design teams a blueprint to work with making the PCB design process easier while eliminating the opportunity for errors, especially when passing designs to other members of your team. After all, Benjamin Franklin did say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Posted on Sep 12, 2017
Rochester, NY (September 12, 2017) – EMA Design Automation® today announced the release of EMA Constraint Manager for OrCAD to ensure design intent is communicated and adhered to during PCB implementation. “Today’s electronics pack an enormous amount of technology and features into smaller packages,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “At every step of the design process, design issues are compounded because of the interrelated constraints and poor communication of constraints between different functional groups. Constraint Manager for OrCAD allows OrCAD® Capture to be an integral part of the Cadence® Allegro® constraint driven flow paradigm, providing a structured way to manage constraints across all tools in the Cadence PCB design flow. This reduces design iterations, improving design quality and time-to-market.”
Posted on Sep 8, 2017
A brief overview of the OrCAD unified design flow with Constraint Manager for OrCAD
Posted on Sep 8, 2017
Watch our 20 minute demo to see how Constraint Manager for OrCAD can help you effortlessly specific, communicate, and track design intent.

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