Posted on Dec 11, 2017
We know this time of year can be particularly stress-filled for our customers with end-of-year deadlines, and paperwork in addition to their home holiday preparations. Every year around this time, we try to host a fun contest to get your minds off the stress of the season and get your creative juices flowing. This year is a take on a traditional holiday song, “12 days of Christmas”. For this contest, give us your best Electrical Engineering rendition of this song to win one of Four Prizes!
Posted on Jun 10, 2016
As you may have seen in our previous post, in celebration of the new OrCAD Capture design compare feature (made available in the 17.2 release) we launched a “Spot the Difference” Contest where one lucky winner receives a Raspberry Pi 3 Board and a 16GB, 10class with NOOBs. In order to enter this contest, entrants were asked to identify 10 differences between two schematics made available through a downloadable PDF and email us their results. In addition, they were also able to earn additional entries by either following us on Twitter or Tweeting about the giveaway.
Posted on May 24, 2016
As we mentioned in our previous post, Cadence announced new capabilities for OrCAD with its release of the 17.2 update. Among some of the newer features of this release is the new design compare function.

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