Posted on Jan 31, 2017
PCB design is a never-ending cycle—the sooner you can finish one design, the sooner you can get started on the next. Watch the Cadence webinar and learn how the latest advancements in Cadence® PCB 17.2-2016 technology can help you
Posted on Jan 31, 2017
Automation sounds good in theory. Think of all the time you could save with auto-routers… if only you could maintain control. That’s what makes auto-interactive routing so powerful. You’re in complete control of the big picture and the important details, but all that stuff in between is taken care of.
Posted on Jun 15, 2016
The 16.6-2015 Allegro PCB Editor release introduces the interactive conversion of Orthogonal and 45-degree routed traces into a Zig-Zag pattern to minimize the Fiber Weave Effect in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

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