Posted on Mar 31, 2017
Before we begin it is important to note nothing is ever 100% secure. A device that is secure one day can easily become vulnerable the next day. That being said, increasing security measures in modern devices, especially hyper-connected devices such as IoT products, is an important on-going topic of conversation. Although traditionally the industry has relied heavily on software-based cyber security measures, in today’s wired world engineers are beginning to find ways of implementing hardware security into their designs for an extra layer of protection from hackers and reverse engineering.
Posted on Feb 11, 2016
It is hard to attend any sort of meeting to do with semiconductors without hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT), and probably the hottest subtopic is IoT security. Some devices will contain our health data, some are dangerous. Even the apocryphal internet-enabled toaster could potentially burn down your house. The second day of this year's EDPS in Monterey was completely dedicated to semiconductor security.

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