Posted on Jul 2, 2018
Flex PCB design has many advantages. In fact, the global market for flex/rigid-flex boards more than doubled in the past 4 years alone. Along with those benefits come new design challenges that weren’t present in “standard” 2D PCBs. Learn about common flex design issues and how to design to help you catch them before they become a problem. Become a flex PCB design master with tips from the experts at EMA in this webinar.
Posted on Mar 31, 2017
Before we begin it is important to note nothing is ever 100% secure. A device that is secure one day can easily become vulnerable the next day. That being said, increasing security measures in modern devices, especially hyper-connected devices such as IoT products, is an important on-going topic of conversation. Although traditionally the industry has relied heavily on software-based cyber security measures, in today’s wired world engineers are beginning to find ways of implementing hardware security into their designs for an extra layer of protection from hackers and reverse engineering.
Posted on Nov 11, 2016
John Kesel has been our Academic Account Manager here at EMA for about eight years. He is responsible for supplying all colleges and universities with our software products and ensuring their success. John is a former veteran of the US Army (Army Security Agency), serving as a Specialist 5/ E5 from 1975-1978. We are so glad we were able to chat with John about his time in the service and how it has influenced the person he is today. Thank you for your service, John.
Posted on Nov 11, 2016
In this Veteran Spotlight, we have David Lane, who has worked here at EMA for over eight years. David is a teleBusiness Representative, who calls all warm leads. This includes those who download our demo software, signup for our web demos, and then qualifies them for all the Account Managers in the office. During his time in the military, he served as a Seargent in the Air Force from 1976-1980.
Posted on Nov 11, 2016
To commemorate the end of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11th Armistice Day- a day to recognize the armistice truce signed between the Allies of WWI and Germany. After World War II the term "Armistice" was replaced with "Veteran" to recognize all of those who have served in the military, not just those who had served in WWI. Today of all days, we want to thank all men and women for their dedication and the sacrifices they made in order to ensure our country's safety.
Posted on Nov 8, 2016
What does it take to think like an engineer? This is what I was left pondering after reading this article from the EE Times. Throughout the article, the author explained what he believed qualified someone to “think like an engineer”. Based on his list (which included presidents such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and current President Obama) the term “engineer” seemed to be a bit of a stretch, but as I continued to read the article, the list also included Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter— the only two presidents who actually were engineers.
Posted on Oct 27, 2016
The military is known as a leading innovator in electronic technology. From WWI up to present day, military technological innovations have paved the way for consumer products. Thomas Edison and his Naval Consulting board were some of the first major innovators in the electronics field. Edison and his team worked on projects to help solve military problems and aid in warfare. PCBs became a fundamental tool for military operations including navigation, missiles, and surveillance along with communication equipment. As time progressed, standards began to increase and military equipment requirements expanded to include high-density, rugged, and reliable products.