Posted on Oct 19, 2018
Remove unused sections of plated through holes in high-speed designs to improve signal integrity on your designs.
Posted on Apr 6, 2017
CDNLive Silicon Valley brings together Cadence® technology users, developers, and industry experts for two days of networking, sharing best practices on critical design and verification issues, and discovering new techniques for designing advanced silicon, SoCs, and systems.
Posted on Jan 31, 2017
When creating your PCB Board, understanding the pros and cons of each via and how they impact the design and manufacturing process is important to know.
Posted on Mar 14, 2016
OrCAD® Panel Editor intelligently automates the complex process of panel definition and documentation, simplifying the design process. This solution enables designers to quickly create electronic manufacturing documents that clearly articulate the panel specific cation and instructions for successful fabrication, assembly, and inspection of their designs.
Posted on Feb 4, 2016
The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) is the industry's largest, most comprehensive technical conference for embedded systems professionals in the US.
Posted on Apr 22, 2015
Highlights: Latest release marks 30th anniversary of OrCAD innovation and product design, new products offer seamless product integration, more comprehensive fabrication checks and simplified documentation methods and key feature updates focused on more interactive routing capability and additional high-speed design qualities.