OrCAD Library Builder

OrCAD Library Builder contains the most advanced PDF datasheet extraction, schematic symbol automation, and PCB footprint / land pattern automation to eliminate manual processes resulting in up to 80% reduction in library creation time.

Symbols and footprints are the building blocks of PCB design. For many designers building these device models means a significant time investment due to error prone repetitive manual entry. Manual processes are becoming unfeasible and impractical now that some individual components can contain 2,000 pins or more. To solve this problem Cadence offers OrCAD Library Builder, a highly automated tool for component library population.

OrCAD Library Builder reduces symbol and footprint creation processes that previously required hours or days, to minutes. Purpose built tools provide a single environment for extracting PDF data, managing and formatting pins, generating symbols, creating footprints, and validating outputs. Automation is applied throughout the library creation process and the result is a dramatically accelerated workflow that delivers consistent, repeatable results.

What Customers are Saying
“I feel more comfortable knowing the tool is making the part accurately, especially when I’m in a time crunch. Even a mistake as small as missing a single pin is $3,000-$6,000 if we don’t catch it.”

~Mike Crittenden, PCB Designer, Technology Services Corporation


  • Eliminate countless hours of manual entry with the most advanced PDF data sheet extraction technology
  • Extract data from pin tables and diagrams
  • Quickly build and manage complex symbols with 1000's of pins 
  • Efficiently prepare OrCAD ready symbols with unique pin name creation, intelligent pin assignment, and symbol fracturing 
  • Automate the generation of complex PCB footprint models 
  • Reduce human error and increase consistency with reports that check accuracy
  • Significantly decrease part creation time
Supports IPC-7351 & Custom Specifications
Automatically build your footprints to IPC-7351 spec or define custom requirements. OrCAD Library Builder seamlessly supports both to meet your unique needs.
Symbol Creation
The Symbol generation capabilities of OrCAD Library Builder allow users to extract datasheet specifications, format and check the data, and export to their schematic tool.
Footprint Creation
PCB footprint generation within OrCAD Library Builder allows users to input dimensions directly from the datasheet.
Symbol and Footprint Checking
Integration between symbol and footprint tools allows for checks to ensure that the symbol and footprint match.
Automated 3D PCB Model Creation
OrCAD Library Builder enables users to automatically generate 3D STEP models directly from the footprint data in the OrCAD Library Builder footprint calculators making 3D model creation an inherent part of the PCB library development process.
Advanced Pad Control
OrCAD Library Builder provides the ultimate placement control and editing of pads. Designers can select from D-shape, oblong, rectangular,...
Circular Connector Creation
OrCAD Library Builder quickly produces the necessary PCB Layout footprints of Circular connectors.
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