TimingDesigner® is a graphical timing analysis tool that will streamline the management of all your timing data.

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Document Your Timing

TimingDesigner is the easiest way to create, store, and update your critical timing information.

Create Datasheets

Use Microsoft OLE technology to embed dynamic timing diagrams directly into your publishing software.


TimingDesigner can analyze your critical timing interfaces across multiple design fabrics. Analyze across the chip, package, board, and system to track down all your timing violations.


Identify worst case timing scenarios to ensure that your designs will meet their requirements.

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Additional information and details are available in the TimingDesigner datasheet.

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Customer Testimonials

"The new TimingDesigner interface with Cadence Allegro PCB SI allows me to accomplish in twenty minutes what used to take three days. Because of this, I have my entire team using TimingDesigner."

"GSI Technology is proud to provide our customers with TimingDesigner models for our SigmaQuad family of SRAM products."

"After realizing the value that is gained by using TimingDesigner in our own internal development environment, it was a natural progression to see the benefits Simtek customers can realize with TimingDesigner and interactive models of our devices."

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Integrate with SI

Generate Sign-off level timing models by integrating your SI data with TimingDesigner.

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