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Product Family

Product Family
  • Allegro (10)
  • OrCAD (10)
  • Sigrity (8)
  • AWR (3)
  • Fidelity (3)
  • PSpice (3)
  • Downstream (2)
  • Virtuoso (2)
  • SEConnect (1)
  • Xcellium (1)

Design Category

  • Simulation & Analysis (17)
  • Data & Libraries (12)
  • PCB Design (12)
  • IC & Package Design (3)

Design Task

  • Power Integrity (5)
  • Design Data Management (4)
  • PCB Layout & Routing (4)
  • RF (4)
  • CFD (3)
  • Library Creation (3)
  • Library Management (3)
  • Release to Manufacturing (3)
  • Schematic Capture (3)
  • Signal Integrity (3)

Advanced Arena Connector

Integration between Arena Cloud PLM and OrCAD for real-time, informed design decisions.

AEi Power IC Model Library

Enable faster, more accurate analysis of your power supplies with a library of pre-configured and pre-verified PSpice models

Allegro Design Entry (Concept) HDL

Advanced schematic editor for robust, scalable, enterprise-enabled design creation.

Allegro PSpice Designer

Fast, accurate simulation of analog and mixed-signal designs.

Allegro System Capture

Streamline schematic development with collaborative team design, efficient part management, and integrated auditing and simulation.

Allegro X Advanced Package Designer

Efficiently design, verify, and optimize complex packages with first-pass success.

AWR Analyst

Accurate FEM electromagnetic analysis of 3D structures and interconnects for high-frequency electronics.

AWR Axiem

3D Planar electromagnetic analysis for S-Parameter extraction and design verification of RF PCB’s.

Blueprint for OrCAD

Efficient and easy-to-use PCB documentation editor for creating and maintaining PCB documentation.


Seamless, native ECAD/MCAD co-design for SOLIDWORKS

Celsius EC Solver

Celsius EC provides a comprehensive thermal analysis toolset purpose built for electronics. Easy-to-use with quick actional insights gives you the ability to identify and solve electronics cooling issues early in the design process with ease.

Celsius Thermal Solver

Comprehensive thermal and electro-thermal analysis for accurate system-level simulations


Accelerate component placement and PCB layout with automatic clustering, placement, and design reuse.

Clarity 3D Solver

Clarity 3D Solver provides robust, full-wave EM simulation to address the complex challenges of high-frequency systems. Efficiently analyze electromagnetic and power electronics with accurate finite element methods (FEM) for true 3D modeling and simulation of critical interconnects, PCB’s, system on IC (SOIC), and IC packages.

DFMStream PCB Verifier

Ensure timely, high-quality PCB fabrication with efficient import, modification, optimization, and analysis of PCB design data.
EMA Design Automation