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Get more value for your maintenance with exclusive benefits from the PCB Design experts at EMA

Get more value for your maintenance with exclusive benefits from the PCB Design experts at Parallel Systems and EMA

Get more value for your maintenance with exclusive benefits from the PCB Design experts at Sunstream and EMA

Get more value for your maintenance with exclusive benefits from the PCB Design experts at Anacom and EMA

The 5-Star EMA Support You Know and Depend On Plus More

Improve your productivity, solve problems faster and work more effectively with access to EMA experts, training, and technology to optimize your Cadence design experience. All available for FREE to active maintenance EMA customers.

Exclusive EMA Customer Advantages

With over 30 years of PCB Design and Cadence technology expertise the EMA team has put together the resources and tools you need to be successful. All included with your current maintenance at no extra cost.


EMA Toolkit

Improve your productivity, solve problems faster, and work more effectively with access to exclusive EMA technology to enhance your Cadence design experience.



Easily calculate the space on the board occupied by components and determine whether any larger components need be replaced during the schematic design with the CircuitFit app.


Highlight Part

Automatically color-code parts by a specific property (ex: lifecycle, availability, etc) on the schematic canvas to easily identify components with the Highlight Parts by Property app.


PCB Clustering

Complete the PCB layout quickly and efficiently with automatic clustering and placement of components using the PCB Clustering App.


Find in Design

Easily find every design where specific components are used by searching the design repository and sub folders with the Find in Design App.


CIS BOM Template

Quickly create the desired Bill of Materials from Capture CIS using predefined Excel Templates and the CIS Template-Based BOM App.


Testpoint App

The Test Point Back Annotation App allows for automated addition of testpoints to nets in the schematic using a testprep file from PCB Editor.

Multi-Board Connector App

Efficiently verify pin-outs between mating connectors from two different schematics to ensure accuracy and proper functionality of your PCB product with the Multi-Board Connector Pin Check App.

CIS Row Color App

Efficiently color code parts in your OrCAD CIS database by highlighting rows according to part properties, company status, and more to quickly identify the desired parts for your PCB designs with the CIS Row Color App.



EMA eLearning

Make the most of your Cadence investment and stay up on the latest techniques with our extensive training library.


Learn at your own pace with self-guided, online training classes complete with videos, labs, and comprehensive training materials.


Ensure a solid foundation of OrCAD knowledge, validate your expertise, and gain professional credibility with OrCAD Certifications.


EMA’s workshops provide an in-depth training with interactive presentations, demonstration videos, and quizzes to elevate your knowledge and help you make the most out of your OrCAD software.


Quickly learn how to perform specific tasks throughout the design process with step-by-step instructions and demonstration videos for OrCAD features.


EMA Knowledgebase

Leverage our 30 years of supporting Cadence products with our comprehensive solution knowledgebase full of solutions, tips, and guides to help answer your questions fast and accurately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since our start EMA has built our business on being customer centric and ensuring we add value to help you be successful. As a result, we have been providing these kinds of value -add services to customers individually for years. The purpose of this program is to formalize these benefits and make sure they are available to all our users. We are really excited to share the plans we have for this program as we move forward. This is just the beginning….

Yes it is. All you need is to be an active EMA customer and you can reap the benefits.

Anyone who has an active license or maintenance contract with us is eligible to take advantage of this program.

The EMA toolkit can be downloaded at support.ema-eda.com. Fill out the request form and our team will send instructions ASAP.

Currently this program is only available to customers of EMA and our partners. If you would like to get access or have questions (or would like to participate) please contact us. We would be happy to discuss with you.

Fill out the form above and a team member will get back to you with more details.

Thank You! Request Recieved.

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