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How to Create a BOM with a Template

Manually compiling the required information to purchase the components in a PCB design can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Bill of Materials (BOMs) can be created quickly through OrCAD Capture CIS; however, the generic BOM output may not meet company requirements. With the CIS Template Based BOM App, designers can utilize custom excel templates including company logos and information to create a BOM.

This how-to will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the CIS Template Based BOM App in OrCAD Capture CIS to create a BOM using an excel template.

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Activating the BOM Template App

Step 1: Open the desired design in OrCAD Capture CIS and select the .dsn file in the project hierarchy.

Template Based BOM in OrCAD

Step 2: Select EMA Toolkit > CIS Template Based BOM from the menu.

Configuring a Bill of Materials in OrCAD

Step 3: Browse to the location of the desired Excel template and select Open. For this example, use the default template included in the installation here:


Note: You can create a template containing company logos, graphics, or other data you wish to populate for all your BOMs. Remember to change the BOM Header Row # and BOM Start row # when creating a new template.

Configuring the BOM Template App

Step 4: Enter 2 as the row number for the column headings to appear on.

Step 5: Check to have the BOM header automatically generated based on the capture properties.

Adding Fields to a BOM in OrCAD

Step 6: Configure the properties to be included in the BOM. Select Manufacturer from property names list and click to include the property in the BOM.

Step 7: Select Manufacturer PN from the property names list and click to include the property in the BOM.

Note: Arrange the BOM order by selecting the property and using the up and down buttons. To remove a property from the BOM, select a property and click the ← button.

Step 8: Ensure PART_NUMBER is entered in the Part Number Field.

Step 9: Browse to the location for the outputted BOM to be saved.

Note: If the design has a variant, select the desired variant.

Step 10: Enter 3 as the row number for the BOM information to start.

Note: Check to include Do Not Include (DNI) parts in the BOM.

Generate a BOM from a Template

Step 11: Select Run and click OK when BOM generation is completed.

Template Based Bill of Materials with OrCAD

Step 12: View the generated Bill of Materials.

Wrap Up & Next Steps

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