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How to Find Designs Containing Specific Components

If a frequently used component becomes obsolete or out of stock, figuring out which active designs it is used in can be a challenge. Manually searching designs or BOMs is tedious and instances of the component are easy to overlook. Easily find designs containing specific components by searching the design repository and sub folders with the Find in Design App.

This how-to will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the Find in Design App in OrCAD Capture to identify which designs contain a certain component.

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Configuring Find in Design App

Step 1: Open OrCAD Capture.

Find in Design App in OrCAD

Step 2: Select EMA Toolkit > Find in Design from the menu. The Search for String window opens.

Define Components to Find

Step 3: Select the ellipsis next to Search Path to assign the folder to search in.

Step 4: Browse to the location of the desired folder and click Select Folder.

Searching Design Files for a Component

Step 5: Enter the string to search for. This can be a company part number, manufacturer part number, or supplier part number.

Note: For partial string matches, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard. The asterisk must be in the beginning or end of the string.

Define Design Repository for Search

Step 6: Select Include Subfolders in Search to perform a recursive search.

Step 7: Select Search to start the search.

Where Components Are Used

Identify Where Components are Used

Step 8: When the search finishes, a log file appears showing the search parameters and results. If the part number was found, the corresponding .dsn file is listed.

Note: This log file is saved in the top folder that was searched.

Wrap Up & Next Steps

Easily find designs containing specific components is used to locate and replace obsolete components, out-of-stock components, and more with the Find in Design App in OrCAD Capture. This app and others are part of the EMA Toolkit, one of the benefits of EMA Support +. The EMA Support + program is available to all EMA customers on active support and includes additional benefits and tools to expedite the PCB design process, such as time saving apps, additional training, and more. See what’s included with EMA Support + and learn how to get access to these exclusive benefits.

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