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Design Data Management for OrCAD

OrCAD® Engineering Data Management (EDM) is a comprehensive WIP (work in progress) data management environment for the OrCAD. Fully integrated within the OrCAD environment, OrCAD EDM lets your engineering design team take advantage of the time-to-market benefits gained from effective design data management.


Native OrCAD Integration

Manage your design data directly inside your CAD tools. EDM provides PCB CAD aware design data management within OrCAD.


OrCAD EDM understands the unique relationships between files generated during the PCB design process—keeping everything in sync as your design progresses.

PCB WIP Data Management

Manage all the files associated with your PCB projects together including the schematic, PCB, BOM, Gerber, Datasheets, and more.

Manage IP Effectively

Full permissions management is built-in so organizations can collaborate with their partners while ensuring their critical IP is protected.

Real-Time Dashboard

View and track progress across all your projects through the EDM dashboard. Access is available inside OrCAD or via a standard web browser.

Full Version History

Every change and update is automatically tracked—making it easy to roll back to previous versions or compare changes.


What's New in OrCAD EDM 5.0

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Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD Engineering Data Management datasheet.

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Get the Data Management Advantage

PCB design data management can help you reduce respins, get to market faster, and give you an edge over the competition. Take a look at the latest study from the Aberdeen group to learn more.

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PCB Data Management and OrCAD

Learn how OrCAD provides a comprehensive solution for both design and component data management. Revision control, BOMs management, component obsolescence data. It’s all possible with OrCAD.

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