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OrCAD EDM Training

This course will teach you how to use OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) to enable engineers to work together and maximize team productivity.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to assign roles based on tasks
  • How to set up users, assign privileges
  • Template and project best practices
  • How to manage libraries and assign symbols to team members
  • Adding parts to master libraries
  • How to activate OrCAD EDM within PCB Editor so all PCB and related files become a part of EDM-managed projects

Course Summary

OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) is a collaborative environment which enables teams of engineers to work together on a Cadence PCB design project and easily manage all the associated files and revisions. OrCAD EDM Training is a course designed to help you maximize the productivity your team can achieve using OrCAD EDM and is loaded with tips and tricks to improve efficiency.

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