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OrCAD X Presto Walk-through

This walk-through will provide step-by-step instructions for designing a PCB with OrCAD X Presto.

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What You Will Learn

  • Navigate the OrCAD X Presto design environment
  • Configure a board outline and stackup
  • Place components through multiple methods
  • Add copper planes and pours
  • Configure constraints
  • Route a design, including fanouts and vias
  • Analyze the design for errors with design rule checking
  • Analyze the design in 3D
  • Quickly create manufacturing documentation
  • Export a manufacturing package
  • Efficiently collaborate with design review and markup

Course Summary

In this walk-through, you will learn the fundamentals of OrCAD X Presto by creating a PCB design. OrCAD X Presto is a new PCB layout environment designed to improve efficiency and streamline your PCB design process. Throughout this walk-through you will design a board and learn the necessary steps to efficiently complete a PCB design in OrCAD X Presto. This walk-through is comprised of video demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and quizzes for you to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of designing with OrCAD X Presto.
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