Bonus: Design Review and Markup

This bonus lesson will demonstrate how to perform efficient design reviews with markup functionality in OrCAD X Presto.

To follow along, continue with the design from the previous lesson or download the starting materials from the Materials tab of this lesson.

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Adding Comments

Step 1: From the toolbar, select the Markup icon.

Step 2: In the Comments panel, select New Comment.

Step 3: Zoom into the desired section of the board.

Step 4: Type the comment into the Comment bar. Tag coworkers using the ‘@’ symbol and their username.

Step 5: Select the Draw Rectangle icon.

Note: To draw an arrow, hover your mouse over the draw rectangle button and click to select the arrow tool.

Step 6: Click to begin the rectangle. Move the mouse to draw the rectangle over the area of interest on the PCB and click to finish the rectangle.

Step 7: Click Submit. The comment has been numbered and embedded into the design database making it accessible for any users to review.

Reviewing Comments

Step 8: Open the board file containing comments in OrCAD X.

Note: Design Review and Markup is also available in OrCAD X PCB Editor Professional 23.1 allowing seamless design reviews with team members.

Step 9: Select the Markup icon on the toolbar to open the Comments panel.

Note: If using OrCAD X PCB Editor Professional, select Tools > Markup from the menu.

Step 10: View the comments. Click the comment to be brought to the location on the PCB.

Step 11: Click the PCB icon to bring up a snapshot of the PCB when the comment was recorded.

Step 12: Click in the @Mention or Comment box and type a response to the comment. Click Submit.

Step 13: Click the ellipsis at the top of the comment and select Resolve. Here you can also edit and delete comments.

Step 14: Repeat this process as needed to efficiently communicate with team members and perform design reviews.

Step 15: In the Comments panel, click the Comment icon to turn off visibility of the comments in the PCB canvas.

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