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What is OrCAD X

OrCAD X is the OrCAD PCB design solution reimagined for the next generation of design challenges. With massive improvements in performance, productivity, and capability, OrCAD X represents a new era in productivity for designers. See how OrCAD X can supercharge your workflow and take your design capabilities to new heights.


Design Connected

Library Management

Effortlessly manage your libraries with access to OrCAD CIS library management either on premise or in the Cadence cloud. Enable your teams to seamlessly share, manage, and leverage a single source of truth for your part libraries.

Looking to take things a step further? Add on-demand content and supply chain data, where used insights, workflows, and more with OrCAD CIP.

Cloud Workspace

Easily store your design data in the Cadence cloud with workspaces. Share design files and access your data anywhere with optional connection to Cadence cloud.

Looking for self-hosted / hybrid cloud implementations? We also offer OrCAD EDM for effective on-prem / self-hosted PCB data management.

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Identify supply chain risks early in the design process with access to up-to-date data on regulatory compliance, lead times, costs, risk predictions, lifecycle, and more for millions of parts. Ensure your products will breeze through manufacturing and be able to stand the test of time with built-in supply chain insights.

Want to be able to sync supply chain risk and compliance analysis on your entire CAD library? Take a look at the CIP Compliance Module.

PCB Co-Design

Accelerate the PCB layout with Symphony in OrCAD X Presto. This cloud-based collaboration allows two users to simultaneously design in the same database. Both users are visible in the design and the PCB is updated in real-time, creating a concurrent team design environment to layout, route, analyze, and review the PCB efficiently.


Managing the electrical requirements in the context of your mechanical constraints can be a significant challenge especially when you don’t always have a full or up-to-date picture of the mechanical enclosure and environment. MCADX enables on-demand collaboration between OrCAD and SOLIDWORKS


Design Fast

Presto is your New PCB Editing Environment

Presto is the new PCB editing experience which has been re-imagined containing all the power and capability of PCB Editor while updating the UI/UX to make your PCB implementation experience as fluid and efficient as possible. Not sure which PCB environment is right for you? You don’t have to choose. Seamlessly switch between the two as needed based on your requirements and comfort level.

Search, Replace, and Edit

Finding and editing elements in your PCB becomes simple with the comprehensive search pane in OrCAD X Presto. Intelligent wildcard searching as well as filtering by expressions, mathematical expressions, or an explicit value lets you easily identify components, pins, nets, traces, shapes, design rule errors, and more. Bi-directional cross-probing between the PCB canvas and the search pane allows you to easily review and modify aspects of the design to complete your PCB layout efficiently.

Allegro Routing Engine

Continue to access the industry leading Allegro routing engine that the world’s leading companies trust to complete the most complicated boards on the planet. Ensure your tools will not hold you back from any routing challenge with OrCAD X.

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Seamless Data Structure

Everything in OrCAD X is fully compatible with previous versions of OrCAD and Allegro ensuring a risk-free upgrade. Maintain full data integrity and seamlessly share data with others using previous versions.

Meet Your New AI PCB Assistant

OrCAD X unlocks the ability to leverage a next generation generative AI design assistant to help you supercharge your productivity and get designs done faster. Leverage AI to help you quickly perform route and fit studies, update existing boards. Currently available for early adopters. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more and see how you can help shape the future of this exciting technology.


Design Correct


Automate and enhance your documentation process with a real-time templated approach to artwork and drawings. With LiveDoc it’s easy to complete your manufacturing documentation quickly through pre-configured templates of common views, pre-populated fabrication and assembly drawings, efficient dimensioning, and access to frequently used objects such as revision blocks and drill charts. Any changes made in the PCB canvas are automatically updated in the manufacturing documentation in real-time, eliminating errors.

Real-Time Design Feedback

OrCAD X expands your access to the industry leading Allegro constraint manager environment. Get real-time feedback as you design with an expansive rule set available to ensure your design is functional and manufacturable including electrical rules such as differential pairs, propagation delays, and return path, physical and spacing rules, manufacturing rules, 3D clearance checks, and more.

Design in 3D

Completely re-architect 3D engine gives you ultimate speed and performance for even the most complex designs. Easily view and query your designs in 3D and check for clearance and collision issues. Easily export the design in 3D with fully configurable options for contents of the export and output formats including STEP, PDF, IGES, and ACIS.

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Collaborate & Comment

With distributed design teams and multiple stakeholders responsible for many PCB design projects it is important to achieve a streamlined and integrated design review process. Guarantee feedback is communicated accurately and efficiently with design review and markup directly in the OrCAD X Presto Canvas. Easily comment on portions of the design, include snapshots, tag co-workers, and review comments with feedback embedded into the design database.

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Manufacture with Confidence

Creating your manufacturing instructions can be a tedious and error prone process leading to unexpected surprises on the factory floor, but it doesn’t have to be. The makes generating your manufacturing packages a quick and reliable process. Coupled with the new LiveDoc documentation engine and you can go to manufacturing with confidence that your instructions are accurate and complete every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We have answers. As always please feel free to contact us

No. Usage of the Cadence cloud is purely optional based on your preferences and needs. Use the Cadence cloud, your own cloud services, your internal network or a combination of all three, it is entirely up to you. Our objective is to provide you with the options that best fit your design and business needs.

OrCAD X is the next generation of OrCAD and as such is built on and contains all that is OrCAD today and expands on it with entirely new user experiences and functionality geared to help designers tackle the next generation of design challenges with confidence. OrCAD X gives you access to all the tools you have with OrCAD now so that you can leverage what works best for you and make decisions on which capability and UX to use when for yourself. The goal is to provide you truly game changing technology, but we do not want to assume on your ability or timelines for adopting these new tools.

You can visit our release history page to get more details about the capabilities being added in this release. Stay tuned for virtual and live events where we will go into more detail. Of course, you are always welcome to reach out for a demonstration or just to ask questions. Our team of experts will be happy to assist.

OrCAD users who are active on maintenance will be able to seamlessly upgrade to OrCAD X! Please contact us and we will connect with you get the process started.

Yes! OrCAD X comes with importers for popular CAD formats included making it easy to transition your designs and libraries should you choose to. We also offer migration services if you are looking for a white glove approach to your transition.

Cadence has provided users with access to a fully secure cloud environment built to protect your data and avoid any potentials for loss. To learn more about Cadence cloud infrastructure you can visit www.cadence.com for more information.

Yes! Since OrCAD is fully compatible and scalable to Allegro and OrCAD X is fully compatible with OrCAD, you can seamlessly share designs and data with counterparts using the Allegro / Allegro X platform.

OrCAD X is part of the 23.1 release. Learn more about what’s new

Yes! You can request a free 15 day trial or contact us and we’d be happy to get you setup.

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