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OrCAD 22.1 Release

Experience Real-Time PCB Design

To complete a working design, you need to run a series of signoff checks before you can call it done. The best designers already know what errors the analysis tools will throw at them before running these checks. The New OrCAD and Real-Time PCB Design makes it possible for everyone to design high-speed boards, improve the manufacturability of their designs, and create the next generation of high-performance, high-density electronics. Use real-time design insights in OrCAD to go from prototype to production in less time, with fewer respins.


High-Speed Signal Routing

OrCAD is the best PCB design tool for high-speed designs. Packed with industry-leading technology from Cadence, you can complete your complex, high-density and high-speed designs in a fraction of the time with automated, real-time, signal-aware analysis.


Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Post-design DFM checks are too late. Even if you’re able to find a mistake, you’re going to lose hours, days, even weeks adjusting your design. OrCAD gives you the full DFM, Design for Fabrication (DFF), Design for Assembly (DFA), and Design for Test (DFT) checks you need in real-time while you design, so you can complete your design fast and signoff with confidence.


Interactive 3D

Your products all have three dimensions. And viewing them in 3D is great, but going back and forth from a 2D design and a 3D visualization feels a lot like trial and error. Don’t just view in 3D, design in 3D, with the OrCAD Interactive3D canvas.


Data Management

Building and managing data manually is tedious and error-prone. Simplify your data management process with real-time part data, revision control, feedback and access to pre-built, verified components directly within your software. Stop letting your data manage you and take control with OrCAD. 

More New Features


Constant Innovation

Cadence operates on a continuous release cycle bringing new features and fixes to the tools on a regular basis. If it has been a while since you have looked at Cadence or are using an older release take a look at the full release history. 

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