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Data Overload

Many organizations are stuck using shared drives and email chains to manage and communicate changes to their PCB design projects.


These methods often lead to manual work for engineering to track and store their design files—taking up time and introducing risk into the design process. As a result the engineering team struggles, errors occur, schedules are missed, and product gets to market late.

Common PCB Data Issues

  • Lost or overwritten data
  • Incorrect files sent to manufacturing
  • Obsolete parts getting spec’d in
  • Users designing with parts that can’t be ordered
  • Inability to effectively track project status
  • Difficulty collaborating on projects with multiple engineers

Successful PCB Data Management Requires

Native PCB Support

We provide a native data management solution built directly into your CAD environment.

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Full Revision Tracking
 Ensure data is never lost or overwritten with built-in revision control and change tracking.


Real-Time Project Dashboard
View and track project status in real-time from within your CAD environment or our web client.

Component Data Management

Deliver zero-touch, ready-to-order BOMs with a common library of approved and available parts.


Compliance Aware Design

Design with compliance in mind during initial part selection.

CIP Compliance Module

PLM Integration

Ensure data integrity and engineering-centric data access with our PLM integrations.

EMA Enterprise Connect

Turn PCB Data Management into a Competitive Advantage

A study from the Aberdeen Group in 2014 found that companies are using their data management capabilities to get a leg up on the competition.





reduction in product respins

"A formal data management solution for PCB data would be very valuable. Currently our PCB data resides in folders writeable by virtually anyone in the company. We have had instances where work has been overwritten because two designers had been working on the same files."





decrease in overall dev time

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Download the PCB Data Management Research Paper from the Aberdeen Group and learn how best-in-class companies are solving the PCB design data management challenge.

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10 Rules for Component Data

75% of best-in-class companies see component data as critical IP. See the top recomendations to help you get control of your component data.

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Want to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and get to market faster? Let us help you take control of your PCB data and gain advantage over the competition.

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